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Dynamo is trailblazing and supporting development of the region’s fast growing digital sector by developing a number of digital clusters and special interest groups. These champion business growth and innovation and lead regional development specialist areas like digital construction and cross cutting issues such as skills.

Effective clusters are well-developed concentrations of related business working together and they have real impact in terms of increasing productivity and operational efficiency, stimulating innovation and increasing commercialisation.

We want to ensure our region builds on its incredible expertise and establishes a truly global reputation for digital business. That’s why we’re investing in digital/IT clusters that will deliver greater regional collaboration and innovation between digital, software and technology businesses, the education sector and and public institutions. And because we’re Dynamo, we’re ensuring developments are industry led and meet specific sector needs. Get in touch to find out more!

and clusters

Special focus groups (SFG)

Cyber Resilience

Led by David Carroll and Alastair Irons Read more

Skills and Diversity in Tech

Led by Giselle Stewart, Bob Paton and Janet Ross Read more

Data and Intelligence

Led by Phil Jackman Read more


Professional Services

Led by Antony Hall Read more

Dynamo build

Led by Rebecca Strachan and Anne MacDonald Read more

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