Dynamo Membership Scheme is live – join now! 1


Dynamo-Member-StampWe are proud to announce the launch of our Membership Scheme.

As promoted in our latest newsletter, you can show your support for Dynamo by signing up to our membership scheme.

We offer different categories of membership, which gives better membership structure and greater flexibility. Whether you are a sole trader, SME, large organisation or a student you can join one of the categories that suits you best.

Help us make good things happen

We are a social enterprise, which means we need your support to make a difference.

[We will apply for public funds as they become available – but we would need to have our own matching funds in any case]

Please join our growing list of members such as Orchard Information Systemsthe University of SunderlandRudman ConsultingSageNEICTWard Hadaway (our Legal Partners), Double A DigitalDefenseWizardThinkfreer and others by enrolling in our Membership scheme.

We’ve provided more details on our website: as ever, please let us know what you think by responding via e-mail, or engaging with us on Twitter. You could also use the contact form on our website.

What’s in it for you?

You’ve told us you value opportunities to win new business; to grow your team; collaborate with other Regional players; to develop your teams’ skills; and make good on your pride for the North East.

Our existing event formats have proven successful. We’re working on new formats, and we’re grateful for constructive feedback – which we act upon.

Perhaps less obvious are our work behind the scenes to raise the profile of the great things we do here; our practical steps to get more young people into rewarding careers in IT; develop our capability in Cybersecurity; and gather data on our cluster to help inform key decision-makers.

Please keep telling us what you value, and we will strive to evolve and iterate what we do to meet your needs. Thank you!

Choose your Membership Level

Membership Level Annual fee
Byte Size Membership (Individual) £ 40
Kilobyte (KB) Membership (up to 12 employees) £ 200
Megabyte (MB) Membership (13-49 employees) £ 450
Gigabyte (GB) Membership (50-250 employees) £ 850
Terabyte (TB) Membership (250+ employees) £ 2,000
Affinity (Suppliers to the Industry) £ 800
Students £ 10

Please get in contact if you work in the IT Department of a larger organisation.

We are also working on a Membership level / package for the Education sector.

Our growing list of Member Benefits

As a Dynamo Member you will gain many benefits, which are:

  1. Attend all monthly DynamoNet events free of charge
  2. Logo, listing and weblink on ‘Our Members’ page
  3. Opportunity to submit a story for the newsletter
  4. Members can submit guest blog posts
  5. Opportunity to host DynamoNet events
  6. Members can advertise a service requirement to the Dynamo database.
  7. Use Dynamo North East ‘Member’ logo
  8. 20% discount for members for all Dynamo events
  9. Priority booking access for annual Chairman’s dinner
  10. Members only area at Dynamo and Dynamites annual events
  11. Members only ‘think tanks’ to shape our future
  12. Members only summer social

We plan to use a Think Tank format at Dynamo 15 in June to get your feedback, and discuss all aspects of what we do – and how we do it.

Lots more to do, and get clearer

Whilst we’ve been helping deliver important things for our Region (e.g. Northern Futures UTC gets green light from Government) we realise there’s much to do to ensure a growing regional IT economy.

We also realise that you all have different needs, and therefore we will shape what we do – and how we get our message across – according to these needs. We will evolve our offer(s) and activities in the months and years ahead.

Links to more info on our site

Please visit the Membership section of our website, where there is much more information on:

Please support us by signing up now

We are working hard to do things which have an RoI for you, and give you reasons to sign up for our Membership and – hopefully – renew in due course.