Governance & The Membership ‘Ask’

Dynamo North East C.I.C. = Social Enterprise

Dynamo North East C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, and was incorporated on 31st of August 2014 (Company Number 09197080).
Dynamo has two Directors – Charlie Hoult and Justin Souter, and an Advisory Board of senior IT and Games industry representatives.

Membership ‘Ask’

Dynamo-Member-StampAsk what we’d like from You.

Dynamo has a skeleton staff, and is a ‘connector’ organisation which seeks to build on existing activities and encourages Members to note the following:

  • Commitment to growing the North East IT economy
  • Be comfortable with ‘co-opetition’ – recognise that whilst competing, we can co-operate to fulfil #1
  • Model best practice behaviour towards each other, and Regional stakeholders and those further afield
  • Create more than you capture & Pay it forward
    • What goes around will come around, only eventually.
    • Please be generous and work towards growing the pie for everyone and we will all reap our collective rewards
  • Show leadership, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and commit fully
  • Reframe: Imagine we are successful beyond expectations and live out that feeling of self-confidence and can-do. It’s infectious
  • Every Member could / should commit to giving half a day a year to support schools and careers: e.g. every IT organisation in the North East should support / sponsor one Code / Maker Club



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