Northumbrian Water Hackathon: 12–13 July

“Nationally more than 20% of all potable water produced is lost and wasted during distribution – we need help to reduce the cost of detection and resolution.”

Sponsored data integration and expression project with Northumbrian Water – Get involved

#Hack Series 2016-2017 Event 2

Discovering new data relationships and exploring how data analytics can work with new innovations in leak detection to provide better early prediction and detection.

Northumbrian Water Group (NWG), which includes Essex & Suffolk Water in the South East and Northumbrian Water in the North East of England, is currently exploring the potential of investing in a new leak detection analytics, technology and innovations. We are organising an exciting 2-day initiative to bring together data analysts/data scientists, mathematicians and expression specialists to creatively explore the challenge of improving leakage levels from our water distribution networks.

The hackathon is part of the NWG innovation festival, a high profile event being hosted at Newcastle Racecourse. The festival is attracting over 400 participants daily from across the utilities, government and broader business communities. The hackathon will run alongside a broader design sprint attracting organisations with relevant innovations, systems, hardware, both from within and outside the water industry and its supply chain.

This is a great opportunity to forge direct links with organisations that can engage and potentially work with you to develop commercial solutions. And with the water industry’s research body (UK Water Industry Research, UKWIR) allocating future funding for leakage projects, this is a great opportunity to identify potential projects and demonstrate capabilities.

The hackathon will span two days and will take the form of a contest. Participants are welcome from the UK and overseas. The initiative will see teams form and compete to see who can produce the best and most impactful data insights including data expression, mashup or visualization relating to our challenge.

Our goal is to discover analytics that can either

  • Demonstrate new ways to effectively identify, or predict, leak locations – in particular ‘small leaks’
  • Support effective application of novel innovations and technology being developed in the complimentary design sprint.

We are using this event to identify relevant skills and potential commercial suppliers.

We are using this event to identify relevant skills and potential commercial suppliers.
The output of these events often include contract opportunities for successful participants. The event is open to all interested parties, and is part of a jointly funded project by Northumbrian Water Group and Microsoft.

For more information on

  • Why participate
  • The opportunity
  • Principal challenges
  • Eligibility
  • Requirements and how to enter
  • Click here

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