Leader Name

Professor Rebecca Strachan– Northumbria University

Founding Partners

Rob Charlton – Space Group
John Adams – Viewpoint Construction Software
Professor Steve Lockley – Northumbria University
Paul Swaddle – NBS/RIBA
Ed Bartlett – Kykloud

Overall Purpose of the Group

Dynamo Build will provide a unified voice for digital construction in the region, bringing together specialists to establish a hub for skills development and retention.

Key Aims & Objectives

    • Promote the region as a leader in construction digital technology
    • Raise the profile of the North East as a great place to build
    • Upskill the construction and built environment workforce
    • Highlight the North East’s international reputation for Building Information Modelling (BIM)
    • Improve links between business and education
    • Retain talent in the North East construction industry
    • Improve the perception of the construction industry
    • Promote digital career opportunities in the construction industry

Results Achieved to Date/Current Projects

Promote the Region as a leaders in construction digital technology

  • Set up Dynamo Build
  • Host launch event
  • Attracted media attention
  • Gained support from industry bodies

Create Governance Structure

  • Broad agreements obtained
  • Draft underway

For more information and to get involved

Recent Events:

Dynamo Build: Property & Construction Tech

Thursday 19 May 2016, 2pm – 6pm, Crowne Plaza, Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle upon Tyne

Promoting and challenging tech in the property and construction industries across the North East

Property and Construction technology is going through a revolution and the North East is leading it. ‘Dynamo Build’ will promote and challenge these traditional industries.

The event will be of interest to Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Property Managers, Contractors, Facilities Managers, Property Investors, Owners and Operators. The focus will be on the tech, we expect a lot of collaboration and the event will be the perfect platform for this.

Our panel discussion; ‘Construction Reboot: Tech Revolution in the North East’ will introduce non-property angles and lessons learned by other leading tech organisations to show us how tech is being used elsewhere and what it’s achieving to help other industries evolve.

Panel participants: Rob Charlton (chair), space group; Ed Bartlett, KyKloud; John Lorimer, Chair, BIM Academy; Ben Bennett, Luminous; and Stephen Price, Northstar Ventures


Think Tank Lunch

On Thursday 16 February, kindly hosted by NBS, we had a mix of employers, educators, membership organisations and professional institutions in one room for discussions on how, we as the North East, can work together to grow the BIM sector in the region. We discussed topics such as: Sector analysis, Cluster needs and what role Dynamo can play to help. For feedback and action points, click here Feedback BIM Think Tank 16.2.17