Leader Name

Dominic Murphy, MD Geek Talent

Who else is involved?

Dr Dominic Searson, Head of Data Science, Geek Talent

Overall Purpose of the Group

To advance the involvement and opportunities surrounding data intelligence in the north east. Providing data for intelligence workstream.

Key Aims & Objectives

  • Identify key players surrounding data analysis in the north east – use gt
  • Identifying what data can be made available by companies in the north east (Primarily through FSB and DigiCat)
  • Finding middle ground / common goals / shared interest between different organisations in the north east
  • Providing insight into the expertise required to embark on a data project
  • How to create/showcase more attractive data jobs in north

Results so far

  • Established links with FSB, Digital Catapult
  • Taken part in the Nissan Hackathon
  • Established a link with Google and are underway to organising the Cloud Event at the Core

See the latest presentation from the Data Workstream here DynamoNet – Data Workstream 4.5.16

See the latest discussions from the Think Tank Lunch Data – Think Tank Lunch 12.5.16

For more information and to get involved

Contact Dom by email