Future Workforce

Leader Name

Janet Ross, Client Delivery Director for Bespoke Delivery, BT Global Services

Workstream Members

Sandra Dowson, Business Engagement, ICT Services, Durham County Council

Maria Lawson, H&PS ICP, Accenture

Laura Wood, Application Management Services EMEA, HP Enterprise Services

Vivien Kohler, Service Implementation Manager, HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd.

Joanna McGovern, Operations Lead – Newcastle Delivery Centre, Accenture

Fay Cooper, Digital Strategy and Commissioning Manager, Information Services, Northumberland County Council

Rachel Peacock, Managing Director at DevAcademy

Overall Purpose of the Group

To better understand the needs of a ‘future workforce’ and increase the potential to fill the significant number of ICT vacancies across the North East. This will be achieved by increasing diversity of people in ICT roles, attracting more entrants from all age groups, circumstances and backgrounds, increasing awareness to retrain and bridging the gender imbalance across ICT industry.

Key Aims & Objectives

    • To change the perception of ICT across our future workforce
    • To look at the traditions of the normal workplace and challenge the appropriateness, providing the opportunity to consider how a future workforce might operate – anywhere / anytime
    • To support the work of the Skills Workstream by addressing the digital skills gap
    • To increase the volume of new entrants to the ICT Industry from varying age groups, backgrounds and circumstances
    • To increase the number of women and girls entering and retaining ICT roles
    • To increase awareness and opportunities for people to retrain into ICT roles from non ICT backgrounds
    • To create a baseline of data regarding number of ICT roles in the North East to include demographics as well as gender
    • To demonstrate the impact of Dynamo intervention in addressing

Results Achieved/Current Projects

  • Good progress to start capturing baseline data on where we are in the region with regard to gender balance in ICT roles
  • Creating a template to capture diversity statistics of people entering ICT as a second career
  • Connected with a number of contacts across the North East to create a single source of information for events and initiatives promoting ICT as a career choice
  • Creating a school engagement programme covering primary to further education which can be replicated across the North East to increase awareness of ICT roles
  • Developing templates for a landing page on the Dynamo website to collate information about careers events, training and information sources to share across the region

For more information and to get involved

If you want to get involved in this workstream, want to promote your own careers event, or want further information on anything included on this update then please contact Janet Ross by email on janet.ross@dynamonortheast.co.uk.

Recent Events

DynamoNet – 6th April – Teesside University, Darlington Campus. See presentation here:  DynamoNet_6April_Future workforce