Leader Names

Giselle Stewart OBE, Director, UK Corporate Affairs, Ubisoft.

Bob Paton CBE, Managing Director, Accenture, Newcastle.

Workstream Members

Graham Jordan, NEICT

Alistair Russell, SVP, Advisory Services

Overall Purpose of the Group

To create and support the career pathways that ensure the region can continue to deliver a steady stream of skilled employees into the IT sector.

Key Aims & Objectives

  • More coding clubs and maker club
  • Improve the focus on IT skills within the education system within the region
  • More IT Apprentices
  • More people choosing IT as a career
  • Support Dynamo members in engaging with Schools

Workstream supporters: North Eastern ICT Partnership

Results Achieved to Date/Current Projects

More coding clubs and maker club:

i) Identified relevant initiatives
•         Code Club
•         CoderDojo
•         Apps4 Good
•         FIRST LEGO League
•         Code Wars
•         Build IT
ii) Raised awareness of coding and maker clubs
iii) Dramatic growth in number of Code Clubs and in CoderDojos across region
iv) Recognition of Build IT as maker club model

Improve the focus on IT skills within the education system within the region:

i) Approval for North East Futures University Technical College
ii) Engaged Association of Colleges North East STEM network
iii) Schools IT event
iv) Engaged schools to understand difficulties they have in teaching IT, offering extra curricular activities etc.
v) Engaged Schools North East

More IT Apprentices:

i) Apprenticeship Hub implemented – 95% progression from level 2 to level 3 Apprenticeship
ii) Durham County Council Apprenticeship Hub implemented

More people choosing IT as a career:

i) Development of initial Cradle to Career Pipeline[JS3]
ii) Linkages to careers providers such as National Careers Service, Connexions and schools IAG networks.
iii) Schools IT careers talks as part of Building my Skills.
iv) Careers event as part of Dynamo conference
v) Engagement with local STEM Ambassadors programmes
vi) Links with Future Workforce workstream, Girl Geeks, National Careers Service

Support Dynamo members in engaging with Schools:

i) Encouraged members to become school governors and STEM Ambassadors


See the Dynamo Fact Sheet for more information on IT & Tech companies/jobs in the North East


For more information and to get involved:

Graham Jordan North Eastern ICT Partnership.



Dynamo Apprentice Hub provided by Baltic Training:

Baltic Training has launched the Dynamo Apprentice Hub. Please click here for more information.


Executive Programme for Women in IT:

Provided by North Eastern ICT and Northumbria University. There’s a recognised shortage of women leaders in IT and Digital.  There’s also a lack of leadership development programmes specifically for women in IT, particularly in the North East. Dynamo member NEICT commissioned Northumbria University to devise an Executive Programme for Women in IT to address this gap, based on focus-group research with women from Dynamo North East member organisations. Executive Programme for Women in IT