2021 CyberNorth Business Plan


Every threat is an opportunity. Cyber security is a global threat and an enormous opportunity. It’s a $5 trillion annual spend opportunity and we are well placed to take advantage. We want a piece of that action. 

CyberNorth is the cyber security cluster for the North East, supported by Accenture and the Innovation Supernetwork. We’re recognised by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the National Cyber Security Centre as representing the region. 

We are working to grow the industry across the region to position it as a great place to do cyber security business. We are working to grow jobs, highly skilled, well paid and interesting jobs.

We’re doing this in four ways: 

  • Make a lot of noise to raise awareness and build belief. We do this through events culminating in #CyberFest, the North East’ biggest cyber festival during September
  • Develop a mechanism to help existing business to grow in a collaborative yet competitive framework, like an online retail park
  • Create new businesses by developing a cyber innovation centre across the region along the lines of LORCA.
  • Support young people into careers within the cybersecurity sector

Get on board, be part of CyberNorth!

Purpose and objectives

To make the North East the place for cyber security and:

  • A region of high cyber awareness and infrastructural resilience
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery of Cyber related services
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery and development of high quality students and employees
  • Noted for research and development in cyber

CyberNorth’s value proposition: To  provide a resource that coalesces the North East’s regional cyber security industry, to achieve things collectively that individual companies will struggle to.

What is CyberNorth trying to solve? Growth in the local market, security in the customer base, national and international awareness.

What products is CyberNorth selling? 

  • Current products: 
    • #CyberFest
    • CyberNorth 
    • ORCANE
    • In Conversation
    • Part of UK Cybersecurity clusters
  • Future products: 
    • Curating information for cyber security companies
    • packaging cyber as a good ecosystem 
    • blogs from people who are starting in the industry
    • CISO group 
    • Shared apprentice model
    • Cyber specific trade missions
    • Tender repository tailoring
    • Tender support
    • Security for third sector

What markets is CyberNorth aiming at:

  • Cybersecurity businesses and startups
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Users of technology in business and public sector
  • Students and learning providers

Is CyberNorth big enough to create our own weather?

  • Local yes
  • National, growing
  • International, perhaps

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