The 3rd Northeast China Business Forum & Pitch for £5m Investment Programme

Tuesday 2nd October, 13:00-16:30

China UK Enterprise Investment Fund

£5 million to Support the UK SMEs to Grow and Scale Up

The 5 million GBP China UK Enterprise Fund (CUEF) is expected to fund 25 companies across the UK via a group of Chinese investors who would be interested to join the company with both capitals and business resources. This Fund will be jointly run by Yingde Group and China Innovation and Development Association UK (CIDAUK) and ready to operate in July 2018.

Yingde Group was founded in 2008 and has since been facilitating cooperation between Chinese investors and various groups within the UK business sector that are looking for funding. During the past year, Yingde Group invested 26 million GBP to almost 100 companies across the UK. Yinde Group provides efficient, professional solutions and boast an extensive base of prudent Chinese investors and enterprises. In CEIF, Yingde Group will ensure the good governance of the fund as well as talents, will also looking after the legal structure of the fund and the best interests of both the business and the investors.

CIDAUK serves as a bridge between the UK and China for exchange of trade, education and culture and a coordinator of local Chinese Organisations it has fully utilised the potentials of local and overseas Chinese to achieve a series of goals by providing with opportunities for professionals, scholars, executives, businessman and government officials of two countries. CIDAUK will bring resources, talents, networks, even free spaces of incubation for start-up companies. CIDAUK could incorporate those resources from both China and the UK to ensure the success of this programme.

The purpose of the fund is to participate in and shape the innovation, technology and economy in England following the challenges posed by Brexit. To achieve this objective, CUEF will invest in promising Northeast companies in innovation and technology-driven sectors to firstly help them scale up in the UK market and then explore the potential of entering the Chinese market in 3 to 5 years in their respective fields. Companies who are successfully funded by CUEF will also have a great opportunity to receive follow-on investment from China.

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Please join us at this event in Gateshead to learn more about the fund, hear from investors directly and have an opportunity to pitch your business idea.

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