Agile business experts nurture future leaders at Northumbria University

Following a successful three-year programme of financial and practical support for students at Northumbria University, Agile Business Consortium has committed to a further three years of funding.

A supporter since 2019, Agile Business Consortium became the inaugural corporate donor of Northumbria University’s Higher Education Without Barriers Fund in 2022, which helps reduce financial barriers to Higher Education for students from under-represented groups.

Sharing agile business expertise

As experts in agile business practices, Agile Business Consortium shares Northumbria’s commitment to preparing graduates for the changing world of work.

‘It is our desire to see students prepared with agile skills and mindsets that will allow them to thrive in today and tomorrow’s business environment,’

explains Managing Director, Mwaka Lungu.

Spotting the strategic fit with their objectives – and seizing the opportunity to shape business leaders of the future – Agile Business Consortium generously funded scholarships and academic prizes for students in the University’s Business Incubator and Enterprise Hub.

As well as providing financial support, the Consortium also delivered a programme of activities to help graduates embed agile thinking in their future projects and business endeavours. This is something that will benefit the graduates, the businesses they work for and found, as well as the wider economy.

They also set practical research projects for students at Northumbria University London, to help students hone their business skills on real-world challenges.

Renewed support for 2022-25

Their generous funding package for 2022-25 will continue this partnership and see the Consortium and University match-funding four postgraduate scholarships in Project Management. This will provide the opportunity for exceptional students to study a career-changing qualification they might not otherwise have considered possible.

Speaking about the renewed partnership, Head of Propositions at Agile Business Consortium Emily Ruffles says:

‘It has been a pleasure and an inspiration to support Northumbria University over the past three year, witnessing first-hand and hearing the impact our support has had in nurturing the future leaders of tomorrow’s businesses.

That’s why we are delighted to re-commit to a further three years of financial and professional support. Partnering with Northumbria University allows Agile Business Consortium to deliver our shared vision of future-ready graduates, equipped with the agile business skills that they – and the economy – need for sustainable success in an ever-changing landscape.’

Mutually beneficial partnership

The partnership hasn’t just benefitted Northumbria University and its students. Agile Business Consortium is also delighted with the relationship so far.

‘The partnership helps us fulfil our commitment to the community, sharing our expertise to the benefit of individuals and businesses. It also gives us access to up-and-coming business enthusiasts, eager to apply themselves to our real-world business projects. It is a win-win situation that I’d recommend to any other organization considering corporate sponsorship,’

says Managing Director, Mwaka Lungu.

‘We’re especially pleased that our support now extends to younger people through Northumbria’s partnership with IntoUniversity. We’ll be providing resources and in-kind support to their programme that raises awareness and aspirations around Higher Education for 7 to 18-year-olds from under-represented groups.’

Higher Education Without Barriers

Scholarships like these are being funded with money raised by the University’s fundraising campaign, Higher Education Without Barriers.

Northumbria is partnering with alumni, businesses, and other supporters to provide a range of financial initiatives, mental health and wellbeing services, and community-based projects, to make participation and progression in higher education more achievable for academically talented students, regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

To find out how your business can get involved, contact James Wilkinson at:

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