Baltic Apprenticeships are thrilled to launch The 2019 Tech Review

It’s clear that technology is vital to the growth of the UK economy. Baltic Apprenticeships set out to investigate how we can facilitate this development by reflecting on the state of the industry, highlighting the challenges faced by tech companies and offering insight into potential solutions.

We are thrilled to launch The 2019 Tech Review, our in-depth analysis of the nation’s digital landscape. The report is available for free here.

The report offers a comprehensive breakdown of the sector specific obstacles that we must tackle in order to accelerate progress. By contributing our technical training and recruitment expertise, we aim to forge partnerships with businesses that encourage economic growth and help secure Britain’s future on the global tech stage.


Key findings from our report suggest that continuing advancements in technology call for a change in the way we think about recruitment. With 91% of organisations struggling to find employees with the skills they require, it’s time to start nurturing tech talent from the ground up.

A lack of diversity is also proving to be an obstacle for progression across the sector, with women making up only 19% of the digital tech workforce. By addressing issues relating to gender bias and diversity in the workplace, employers can tap into a wealth of previously underrepresented talent.


The Tech Review discusses how apprenticeships can be an effective solution for businesses who want to keep up with emerging technologies, recruit from a diverse talent pool and retain a loyal workforce. Baltic Apprenticeships’ Managing Director, Tony Hobbs explains:

“We are proud to support the tech sector by offering specialised digital apprenticeships and we continue to evolve to meet its growing demands.”

To put the benefits of apprenticeships into context, we’ve also included real feedback from employers and apprentices that we’ve worked with. The business experiences section of the report evidences how apprenticeships are adding value to organisations of various sizes.

In order to share our findings, we’re inviting the tech community to join the conversation. Let us know what key problems you’ve faced within the tech industry and how you’re overcoming them by tweeting @BalticTraining or by using the hashtag #2019TechReview.

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