BLOG: Hybrid working


The worst of times and…


Phil Jackman, Dynamo Cyber Cluster Lead, 24th May 2021 This has been the worst of times and the best of times. This last year or so has been one of…

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10 Opencast predictions for 2022


1 Ongoing turbulence from Covid, Brexit and climate change “Market turbulence has always been a key feature in business planning, but the pronounced impacts and risks arising from the pandemic,…

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“Managing children, work, house and one’s own health altogether, the “juggle” and the “struggle” is real for working moms!” The percentage of mothers working in the tech sector has significantly…

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We're @NorthumbrianH2O for #InnovationFestival22 this year with 3 daily dashes. 12th July Embedding Innovation in the Cyber Security Sector 13th July Bringing Talent Into Cyber Security 14th July Business Impacts of Cyber Incidents

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