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A brief overview of Nebula Labs
Nebula Labs is a Newcastle based software house, developing apps, digital platforms, mobile solutions for a whole range of organisations and sectors.
Established in 2017 by friends Dylan McKee and Nic Flynn, straight after University, we pride ourselves in being based in the north east, our home region, and taking an ethical, collaborative approach to our work.  Our clients include large corporates, regional public sector, charitable organisations and small start ups. We enjoy having innovative projects and working with interesting partners. We love being part of the north east community – and if we can’t help with a piece of work we’ll usually be able to recommend somebody who can.

What do think have been the benefits of entering the awards?
We’ve taken part in the awards over the past few years, including Nebula Labs winning best new business, and feel that they’re an excellent way to not just raise your profile and connect with people, but it’s also a great boost for the team and our clients.

When your name was read out at the awards evening, how did it feel?
I really couldn’t believe it, I was stunned and utterly delighted. I’ve had so much support from people and the community in the north east over the years, building the business, and I try to always give back and support others, so to get this recognition was a real honour.  I’ve also known Jen who presented the award since I was about sixteen, so to accept the award from her was extra special too!

What did you think of the awards evening?
It was fantastic to see so many people together again, after the tough time it’s been for everyone. It was a brilliant evening, I think one of optimism as well as celebration, but it was also pretty emotional especially with the Rising Star Award dedicated to Nate Sterling, who we all miss.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of entering the awards?
Go for it! Shy bairns get nowt as we say in the north east!

What are your hopes for the future of the North East’s tech industry?
I think the people and the community in the north east are resilient, innovative and really crucially, supportive of each other. I feel that this collaboration is a real strength and with changes in business practices that Covid has brought about, like more adaptability, flexibility, and remote working we can really build on the regions successes, working together, collaborating and developing partnerships. From a personal point of view, while so much can be done online and virtually I hope to also see the return of more face to face networking, events, and meet ups, as for me and the business the communities and events held at places like Campus North were so very important, especially in our early days, and it’s always good to see people in real life again!


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