Jumping Rivers – Member Spotlight

Give us a brief overview of your organisation

Jumping Rivers is a Data Science company. We use cutting-edge technology to create bespoke solutions, using statistical modelling and machine learning for automation and optimisation. The results for our clients, UK and globally, provide informed decision-making for health improvements, greener energy, product and service improvements and a high return on investment.

Our clients are industry agnostic. We work with everyone from start-ups, to large corporations and research institutions. Clients include,  NHS,  World Health Organisation and United Nations.

We believe data science and machine learning don’t need to be black box solution. We support community learning and upskilling clients to continue progress wherever possible.

As a certified full service partner of RStudio Enterprise. We specialise in software installation, maintenance and support, further increasing the accessibility of data science and the tooling required.

What are the benefits of basing your business in the North East

Of course, the North East in general is also an incredibly friendly place. It is a cosmopolitan centre with a really homely vibe! We love the mix of old and new in the region and the multigenerational approach to life – no one feels excluded.

It is located centrally in the UK. Many industries locate and grow here such as the data science industry & energy sector. These areas of growth bring many opportunities in the sectors around us. Equally the North East boasts a lot of support networks and an innovative presence which has more value than you can put money on!

There are multiple leading universities in the region, and we’ve been able to pursue a few collaborative projects with them so far, to further build on fundamental research; generate funding for new jobs, thereby boosting the local economy; and demonstrate the excellence in skills in the North East.

The North East has a thriving, and growing,  data science community. and as an international leader of data science, based at the National Innovation Centre for Data, we make the most of this community by running regular data science meetups.

What have the past 2 years taught you?

Keep sight of what’s coming next. Have an agile approach to the changing landscape, and be ready for the next big thing. Luckily, Jumping Rivers was already a remote company before covid hit – We remained as a constant for our clients, supportive and responsive to their needs. For all of us, changes are uncomfortable; our goal is to guide clients through change when developing on their project. This requires a stable approach as it is key in supporting others and upskilling them with new techniques. We aim to be adaptable to change both internally and with clients. This means an extra level of support is always available to every individual or project when changes are required.

Be sensitive to other industries and their timing – with data science in particular, a lot of companies aren’t ready for it. We want to let people know that they shouldn’t feel frustrated, we can take things one step at a time to get where they want to be. Progress looks different for everyone, and it’s important to make sure people feel ok that their timelines and progress should suit them and that it’s ok if that doesn’t feel in line with current trends.

What are your business objectives for the next 12 months?

Focussing heavily on increasing our corporate responsibility; working towards our ISO certification 27001 to ensure that our clients can feel secure allowing us access to their data; and making steps towards a B Corporation certification.

Furthering our contributions and financial support to the open source community with tooling such as Diffify and open source workshops and conferences.  Increasing our knowledge sharing post-COVID. Arranging specialised data science knowledge-sharing events that will provide top-class speakers with an arena to deep dive into a discussion with them after the talks.

Our first in-person conference/event post covid, is being held here in the National Innovation centre Newcastle. 6-7 Oct 2022 – Shiny in Production. It is attracting speakers and delegates from across Europe & the US and as mentioned before the aim is to have speakers like that of a typical conference, but with limited numbers the setting allows you to explore topics further with speakers and other developers identifying with the same goals that you have.

What are your hopes for the future of the North East’s tech and digital industry?

We hope that, given the North East’s tech and digital contributions in the UK, it will be recognised as the UK’s core for data. The North East is focused on winning opportunities that stretch beyond just technical development but is motivated to improve quality of life alongside digital innovations. We hope that the North East will continue to attract quality people from all over who want to take a chance on what the North East has to offer.

Why did you join Dynamo?

A few of the members of the Dynamo board took interest in us, and thought we would fit in – and we felt left out and wanted to be part of this fantastic group!

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