Land Digital – Member Spotlight

  • Give us a brief overview of your organisation

We’re a multi-skilled digital agency based in Sunderland, specialising in empowering businesses to achieve digital transformation and success through making data accessible and sharing knowledge across teams. Our data-driven approach is at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to find functional and intuitive solutions by better understanding how our actions impact others. It’s a practice we’re well-versed in delivering, from large-scale enterprise projects to novel and groundbreaking apps. Curiosity, balance and empathy are at the core of all of our work.


  • What are the benefits of basing your business in the North East?

Without a doubt, it’s the people – from the thriving business community to the highly skilled workforce, and even just the local culture there is to absorb. The North East’s track record in innovation and engineering is world-renowned – and with institutions like Dynamo and Sunderland Software City, the region’s prospects are bright. There’s an old saying – “there must be something in the water” – and it’s definitely true of the North East.


  • How does your organisation strive to make a positive impact on the local community, and why is this important to your overall mission?

The North East has been good to us, and we try to reinvest in it as best as we can because communities are what sustain businesses. One of the things we’re proudest of is the regular work experience opportunities we run with the support of Tech Talent Ready and Sunderland Software City. These opportunities are designed to help the next generation take their first steps in their digital career, whether it’s their first experience of the world of work or they’re looking for a career change. Corporate social responsibility is something we take seriously and we make time available to our team so they can volunteer for various worthy causes in the community. It’s important that our team feels a strong sense of community with where they work, and that they see our values translate into that community.


  • What are your hopes for the future of the North East’s tech and digital industry?

We expect it will continue to grow. The people of the region have shown a great sense of tenacity and adaptability and, as the digital revolution continues to break barriers, we believe the North East will once again find its place on the world stage. We hope it’s helped along the way by continued regional and national investment, in our educational institutions but also in our infrastructure and local communities.


  • What are your business objectives for the next 12 months?


The last 18 months have been very exciting for us – we have been fortunate to work with some incredible companies and we plan to build on these successes. The development and growth of our team is a key focus. We want to support them by welcoming new team members, developing existing relationships with our partners, and creating new relationships across the UK and beyond.


  • Why did you join Dynamo?

Dynamo plays an important role in the North East tech sector and we wanted to contribute to the positive impact it delivers by raising awareness of what the North East can accomplish, both today and in the future. It also provides us with unparalleled opportunities to meet with like-minded people and organisations, which we’re thrilled about!

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