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ROAR is a full-service search engine marketing agency specialising in SEO and PPC. We have experience supporting businesses from start-ups to enterprise-level businesses. ROAR was born in 2016 by our Managing Director Michael Knowles, and has had the opportunity to work with giant partners like Skillsmatter, NWG Group, Dyer Engineering and North Tyneside Council. 

We offer PPC and SEO services, Content creation, HubSpot marketing, and more, providing tailored client solutions leading to significant and sustainable business growth. 

As a North East-based business, we pride ourselves on giving back to the local community and partnering with local organisations. Most recently, ROAR became a stadium and kit sponsor of Gateshead FC. 

ROAR aims to demystify digital marketing for clients and provide results-driven strategies to elevate businesses and develop their online presence through niche areas of marketing. The way ROAR works is we specialise in a small number of digital marketing areas. We believe in being specialists in some areas rather than spreading ourselves thin across every area of search marketing. This is to ensure the areas we specialise in are offered with a high level of focus and expertise to create genuine, long-term results for our clients. 

Of course, we have seen so much tech and digital talent come from the North East in the last few years. For ROAR, we hope to see the North East become much more of a digital hub for the creative advertising industry. The local talent is abundant, and the creative energy in the North East unmatched. We hope to see a succession of local creatives and businesses to which the North East can follow in the footsteps of areas like Manchester and Leeds, where the tech and digital industry is booming.

Over the course of the next 12 months, ROAR hopes to expand its team further and develop our offerings so that we can create better experiences and attain even better results for our clients in the next year or so.

One of our most exciting existing services is our SEO Bomb®, which uses SEO signals partnered with AI (artificial intelligence) to help businesses skyrocket rankings and generate explosive SEO results. It is our own protected piece of technology belonging to ROAR only. It designs intricate topic clusters, conducts unrivalled search engine result page research, and develops a targeted content strategy to quickly get your business ranking on Google for high-intent vital terms.

This year, ROAR has big plans, including the launch of our SEO Bomb 2.0, which should be available to clients in the next 6-9 months. This will premier after further research and development to position us as one of the UK’s leading content optimisation and planning agencies.

We joined Dynamo to join an exciting hub of businesses in the North East to network with them and support and get to know what else the region has to offer. The Dynamo news platform is particularly useful for sharing our business updates and PR. 

Dynamo allows our team to participate in meet-ups and networking where we can share knowledge and learnings with other passionate marketers in the region. Our team finds these experiences incredibly useful personally and professionally as they are given unique learning opportunities. 

We enjoy being a part of an organisation dedicated to sharing the wins of North East businesses and uplifting the region!

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