TailHail Member Spotlight

A brief overview of TailHail

TailHail’s mission is to democratize private aviation and allow affordable access to private aircraft through a dedicated mobile based application that utilizes industry unique technology, making flying privately available to the masses worldwide. TailHail is a membership-based platform that offers a lifestyle platform, enabling individuals, families and businesses to book private flights, manage their charter accounts, participate in sustainable flight-sharing opportunities – all through a technology solution which allows our members to fly safely and securely worldwide.

TailHail has developed innovative technology for booking and paying for flights on private aircraft, making booking a private jet as simple as ordering a taxi –TailHail is bringing private aviation to the masses worldwide.


What are the benefits of basing your business in the North East?

There is no other place like the North East, as a business we are incredibly proud to be based here. The whole region has so much going for it right now and it is a great location for us and any business to be based in my opinion. Whilst we are ultimately a global business that is dealing with international private flight demand, being based in the North East allows us to access many benefits that you would struggle to find in other parts of the country.

What has the past 12 months taught you?

Like many businesses we have had to adapt to this COVID world that we seem to be living in. As an aviation business we were initially concerned that the impact of COVID on international travel would be damaging and long term, whilst we were initially impacted, all COVID has now done is created unprecedented demand for private aviation and demand for our technology.

More families and businesses worldwide are now looking to fly private, opting to put their health first when making a travel decision, in the US alone there are not enough private aircraft to deal with flight demand and this record demand is forecasted to last for the next 4-5 years. So as a business, what we have learnt is just to focus on our game, keep evolving our innovative technology and to react as best we can to demand.

What are your post COVID business objectives?

To launch version two of our TailHail platform which is going to bring new technology to market that the aviation industry has not seen before, it will ultimately transform the way that people fly and will additionally help with making the sector more efficient and sustainable.

What are your hopes for the future of the North East’s tech industry?

That we keep showing everyone worldwide what great tech businesses and people there are right here in the North East.

Why did you join Dynamo?

Whilst we are predominately a private aviation platform, we are ultimately a technology business. Being a member of Dynamo is a great opportunity for us to build upon our network of technology contacts and businesses right here in the North East – we are incredibly excited about being a member and we are very much looking forward to attending the Dynamo events in the future.

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