Zest I/O Members Spotlight

Give us a brief overview of Zest I/O

At ZEST I/O, our motto is facilitating and enabling digital transformation and we help our customers digitise, automate and streamline their business processes.

We provide modular, agile, simple and tailored Cloud software for our clients, who are mainly small to medium sized companies. Small to medium sized companies do not have the resources and capabilities like big companies so they often utilise standalone disconnected spreadsheets, disparate legacy systems, quick fix solutions, etc. This means loss of time, money and also lots of paper and printing cartridges!

ZEST Cloudsuite has integrated modules for contacts, CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, projects, timesheets, expenses, repairs, maintenance, accounting and more. We can activate and deactivate our software modules based on our customers’ processes and priorities.

As our software is Cloud based, our customers can access and use it on any device as long as they have Internet connection!

What are the benefits of basing your business in the North East?

For me, it has been a natural and evolutionary journey from my Mechanical Engineering studies at Teesside University to different professional roles and then finally to starting up my software business. As you progress in your life, you build up your business relationships and network, which sits well with the community spirit of the North East. This continual process and journey benefited me a lot and also helps me deliver my passion.

What has the past 18 months taught you?

We had the pandemic, lockdowns, so many ups and downs and now cross border conflicts and supply chain disruptions. It has almost been like a Perfect Storm and many people feel when this will ever end? But this is life! My personal lesson learnt from all these is: ‘we have / should have become better people and professionals. And I really mean this. Big, wordy and fluffy plans are out of the window. Agility, responsiveness and integrity are now in!

What are your business objectives for the next 12 months

Organic and natural development and growth of our company with mutual success with our customers. Although we are a software company, we do not wish to become a fully automated faceless enterprise. Information Technology changes in a relentless way so we will continue to innovate and add value to our customers’ digital transformation journey.

What are your hopes for the future of the North East’s tech and digital industry?

It has already achieved a lot – one just needs to look at the great brands and success stories in the region. The next natural step would be becoming a beacon at the global stage.

Why did you join Dynamo?

For ZEST I/O, it was a natural choice – having strength in numbers and being part of a great community. Dynamo has a proven track record, offers a gateway to valuable business connections, whilst also creating collaborative opportunities.

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