Careers Pathway – Stuart Bishop, Nomad Digital

Name: Stuart Bishop
Current Role: Handover Coordinator
Current Organisation: Nomad Digital


Tell us about your education… did you go to University? What did you study?

I originally studied Computer Animation at Leeds university in 2009, however after 2 years I moved back to Newcastle and began a course in Ethical Hacking for Computer Security at Northumbria University, which I graduated from with a 2:1 in 2014.

What Service Delivery Centre did you begin your career in, what was your role there and what attracted you to the role?

My first official role following university was within Nomad Digital, I began as a Service Desk Administrator in March 2015. I was attracted to the role due to a keen interest in mobile communications at university and found the unique solution developed and supplied by Nomad as an exciting opportunity to enter a quickly growing market, and a great place to start a career.

What did you enjoy most about working in a Service Delivery Centre?

What I enjoy most about working within Nomad is being able to get to grips with new and unique technologies. The solution provided is unique to the business and being able to investigate day in and day out and learn new systems and processes continues to feed my natural curiosity and ensure I am constantly keen and interested to progress and learn more.

Did the organisation offer any support, development initiatives or other opportunities to help you progress your career?

Nomad have been very supportive in my progression throughout my current career, I have been offered many opportunities to travel and meet with our customers on a face to face basis, additionally I have been provided with full ITIL training to better understand the processes being brought into the business. The company also offer a very comfortable working atmosphere, an open-door policy to discuss any issues you face with managers and potential means for you to progress with full support provided.

Tell us how your career progressed from your first Service Delivery Centre role to your current position:

I began my time at Nomad as Service Desk Administrator in March 2015, after a number of months learning the solution I was placed onto a permanent night shift rotation. This allowed my curiosity and knowledge to grow with the solution as I was able to investigate deeper problems that may not have been available to other rotations. I was also able to grow my knowledge on the development and implementation of the Nomad Solution.

Following this I was then promoted to a senior position within the Service Desk and offered the opportunity to become the Nomad Change coordinator for global operations. After a year and a half in this role I was offered the position of the UK Customer Service Manager, 6 months into this role I felt it was not an ideal fit and I missed the technical aspects offered within the service desk. I therefore spoke with the management teams for support and was offered my current position of Nomad Handover Coordinator, in which I am currently developing a process to manage the delivery of Projects into O&M.

What advice would you offer to anyone studying a non-tech-based subject, who is interested in a career in tech related roles?

The biggest piece of advice I could give someone looking into a tech related role is to be curious. Do not be afraid to dig deeper into Problems/Incidents that others may say are too hard or require additional support. You may find the solution which improves the capabilities of your team as a whole. Additionally, do not be afraid to take risks, personally I have made mistakes, but I wouldn’t regret what I have learnt from these to make me better.

What’s next for you?

The next step for me is to develop the process for handover in the short term and ensure fleets brought into O&M are delivered successfully. Long term I look toward management within the team, my previous attempt was not an ideal situation, however it highlighted my need to grow and learn about management from those around me and through the tools available to us.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Most important thing I have found is the support provided not just by your team but a company as a whole, being able to come to work and have a passion for what you do is second to none, and it wouldn’t be possible without the people you work with to push you further.


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