Charting the Future of North East Tech: Dynamo Advisory Board Highlights Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

The Dynamo Advisory Board convene to discuss how to help drive the growth and success of the North East of England tech sector. One of the most important topics discussed recently was equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are by no means experts but we’re all advocates of learning and improving.


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Diversity in the North East tech sector is a topic of growing importance. As discussed in the advisory board meeting, it is clear that there is not enough diversity in our region’s tech industry compared with others. Benchmarking against larger tech hubs like London might not be appropriate, but it’s essential to establish clear targets for enhancing equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

The conversation during the recent advisory board meeting highlighted a couple of key aspects of the diversity challenge. One key element is the need to frame diversity in tech organisations, not just in tech roles. These are two different but interrelated challenges, and addressing both is essential. Deni Chambers emphasised the importance of recognising the efforts of members who are making strides in the realm of EDI, including initiatives such as language use in job roles.

In the context of promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, being mindful of the language used in job roles means avoiding words that may be biased, exclusionary, or may inadvertently discourage individuals from underrepresented groups from applying for positions. Shannon Smith says it involves using inclusive and neutral language to ensure that all potential candidates feel welcome and encouraged to apply, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, or other factors. The goal is to create job postings that attract a diverse pool of applicants and help build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Moreover, the conversation pointed out the increasing diversity in the pipeline of talent entering the tech sector, particularly in terms of reducing gender bias. It is encouraging to see progress in this regard, which extends from school-level initiatives and could further benefit from retraining programmes.



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