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Phil Jackman GUERRILLA WORKING, Director
Nicola Japp Accenture, Senior Technical Security Ana…
Anne Macdonald Dynamo North East, Head of Engagement
Graham Jordan North Eastern ICT Partnership, Partnersh…
Charlie Hamilton Northumbria University, Digital Client R…
Philip Anderson Principal Lecturer, Northumbria Universi…
James Clements Security Manager, Accenture
Steve Hood Client Services Manager, NTE Ltd

Overall purpose
of the group

To make the North East:

  • A region of high cyber awareness and infrastructural resilience
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery of Cyber related services
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery and development of high quality students and employees
  • Noted for research and development in cyber

Key aims and

  • To collaborate with law enforcement and other agencies to support and align activities which meet UK and regional cyber security objectives.
  • To champion the North East’s cyber-security and resilience sector by identifying all involved in supply, development and coordination of related activities and developing a series of interventions that raise awareness of such issues.
  • To gain a thorough understanding of the region’s business cyber sector and develop initiatives, in particular with the universities, that increase research and development and combine the strengths of business offering to distinguish the North East’s position, with the possible aim of creating a regional security operations centre.
  • To build employment pathways that require cyber-security skills by working with schools, further education, higher education and businesses to meet future skills demands.
  • To secure additional funding that allows the objectives of the cluster to be met and be supported on an ongoing basis.


The cyber work stream is holding a number of events throughout the remainder of this year and into 2019, focused on the three principle themes of interest: Awareness; Business; Learning. Further details will be provided as the dates are agreed.

Each theme will also develop ideas that support the work streams aims and objectives. Meeting notes can also be found below.

If you are interested in being involved in any way please contact


The diagram above is to help the regional discussions around cyber security.  It aims to identify classes of organisations.  The blue boxes represent organisations which the cyber work stream should engage with.

  • Can you see where you’d fit in the picture?
  • Can you think of an organisation involved in cyber that isn’t represented in the diagram?
  • Or a class (peg) that’s missing?
  • How would you change the diagram?


Following the hugely successful #CyberFest 2018, Dynamo, in partnership with Accenture are delighted to be revisiting the North East’s largest cyber festival.

The aim of #CyberFest 2019 is to raise awareness of the North east as a place to address cyber resilience; to get people engaged in the Dynamo work stream; educate and inform of the threats and opportunities from cyber.

#CyberFest 2019 will see a series of cyber related events held across the region throughout September 2019. Details will be announced over the coming months.

Find out more about  #CyberFest 2018



8.1.19_ CyberMeetingNotes

Think Tank Meeting Notes_29.11.18





5.6.18 CyberMeetingNotes



17.4.18_Cyber Strategy & Business Themes Notes

18.4.18_Cyber Awareness Theme_MeetingNotes


A range of useful resources including how to report a cyber attack and strategy development can be found here.



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