CyberNorth is Dynamo’s cyber security cluster for the North East. We are working to grow the industry across the region to position it as a great place to do cyber security business. We are working to grow jobs – highly skilled, well paid and interesting jobs.

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Colin Gray Senior Lecturer in Computer Forensics
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Overall purpose
of the group

Supporting growth in the North East’s cybersecurity industry:

  • A region of high cyber awareness and infrastructural resilience
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery of cyber related services
  • A centre of excellence in the delivery and development of high quality students and employees
  • Noted for research and development in cyber


Key aims and

Every threat is an opportunity. Cyber security is a global threat and an enormous opportunity. It’s a $5 trillion annual spend opportunity and we are well placed to take advantage. We want a piece of that action.


CyberNorth is the cyber security cluster for the North East. We are working to grow the industry across the region to position it as a great place to do cyber security business. We are working to grow jobs – highly skilled, well paid and interesting jobs.


We’re doing this in four ways:


  • Make a lot of noise to raise awareness and build belief. We do this through events culminating in #CyberFest in September, the North East’s biggest cyber festival (read more)
  • Develop a mechanism to help existing business to grow in a collaborative yet competitive framework, like an online retail park (read more)
  • Create new businesses by developing a cyber innovation centre across the region along the lines of LORCA (read more)
  • Support young people into careers within the cybersecurity sector

Our business plan can be found here


Hear from leading people in the North East’s cybersecurity scene through our our In Conversation series here.


Get on board, be part of CyberNorth!


Regional Ecosystem

We are working to build a cyber security ecosystem across the region and gather details of individuals and companies that are either working in or who have expressed an interest in this space.

Regular updates on events and meetings are sent to this group. If you are interested in hearing more, or being involved, please contact


The diagram above is to help the regional discussions around cyber security.  It aims to identify classes of organisations.  The blue boxes represent organisations which the cyber work stream should engage with.

Dynamo cyber factsheet


#CyberFest, the North East’s largest cyber security festival has now been running for five years. With events across the region throughout September, the aim of #CyberFest is to showcase the region’s exciting and dynamic cyber security sector.

More information is available at




UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration

Phil Jackman has been confirmed as Treasurer and Secretariat for the UK Cyber Cluster
Collaboration (UKC3), which is aimed at stimulating innovation and supporting the
development of cyber skills nationally. UKC3 will co-ordinate with Government, industry
bodies and regional cyber clusters across the UK.

UKC3 is a direct result of longstanding discussions between cyber security clusters across the country. UKC3 will make a huge difference and will provide a united voice for the
clusters. There are between 20 and 30 clusters around the UK and UKC3 brings them
together to share best practice, ideas, and innovation. We’ll also be organising and hosting
regular events.

UKC3 is great news for the north east and helps put the region at the centre of what is going on. CyberNorth is a fundamental part of this new organisation and our
involvement will help propel the region’s cyber security sector forward.

UKC3’s aim is to provide a single interface so that industry stakeholders can engage with the UK’s cyber cluster network. The intention is to spur economic growth and cyber sector
prosperity across the UK.

Richard Yorke, Chair, of Cheltenham-based CyNam, and now Chair of UKC3, said: “The UK’s thriving cyber sector is recognised as world-leading and through greater collaboration, innovation and skills development we have a real opportunity to deliver growth that benefits businesses and individual citizens across the UK.

More information can be found here


To find out how to be involved in the Cyber Cluster, please contact Phil Jackman on

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