Service Delivery Centres


Laura Kemp Dynamo Cluster Manager
Simon Roberson Consultant
Michael Scoular EY, Office Managing Partner
Graeme Fletcher Connect Health, Chief Information Office…
Nathanial Ray P&G, Senior IT Manager
Geoff Watson Sage, Director of Customer Service
Ian Brimer Nomad Digital, Global Head Business Syst…
Matt Bratton Invest Newcastle, Senior Investment Mana…
Nichola Shields Northumbrian Water Group, Customer Servi…
David Pattison Invest North East England, Inward Invest…
Gemma Lee BT, Consumer Centre Manager

Overall purpose
of the group

Service Delivery Centres are a significant employer in the region, most are heavily reliant on technology to deliver services and many supporting the use of technology in businesses. They can be a starting point for prosperous careers in tech as well as other professions.

In this cluster we bring together Service Delivery Centre leaders, technology providers and support organisations to overcome shared challenges and find the greatest opportunities to improve efficiencies and shape better employment opportunities.

Key aims and

The Dynamo Service Delivery Centre Cluster aims to help organisations delivering complex, high value and technology-intensive services or innovatively using technology to deliver services, direct to customers. We provide a non-competitive forum to share best practices and learnings in relation to technical processes, implementation and use of technologies, future-readiness and talent attraction & development.

In creating a supportive community to understand and celebrate each other’s successes we will augment the value of this sector in employment and investment within the region.


Service Delivery Centre Career Pathways

Service Delivery Centres are a great place to get your career started. Typically offering good starting salaries and varied working patterns they also often present many opportunities for personal development.

Many of today’s business leaders began their careers within Service Delivery Centres, whether they’ve progressed in tech, legal, finance etc, starting out in a customer facing role can give you a great understanding of businesses needs and open up doors to new pathways.


Take a look at some stories from our region, following the career journeys of people into tech:

Alexandra Chan, EY

Stuart Bishop, Nomad Digital



The Service Delivery Centre cluster is in its infancy. We’re currently planning events and other activities for 2019, to support the above objectives. If you would like to be involved in the cluster activity please contact Laura Kemp by emailing

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