Service Delivery Centres


Laura Kemp Dynamo Cluster Manager
Simon Roberson Consultant

Overall purpose
of the group

Service Delivery Centres are a significant employer in the region, most are heavily reliant on technology to deliver services and many supporting the use of technology in businesses. They can be a starting point for prosperous careers in tech as well as other professions.

In this cluster we bring together Service Delivery Centre leaders, technology providers and support organisations to overcome shared challenges and find the greatest opportunities to improve efficiencies and shape better employment opportunities.

Key aims and

Change perceptions of Service Delivery Centre careers and raise awareness of pathways into tech, helping to grow the talent pool by encouraging more people into the sector, rather than movement between organisations.

Look at technological advancements and how to support organisations with adoption. For example, AI and robotics; how best to apply these technologies to improve efficiencies and replace repetitive tasks and low-level processes, freeing up staff for more skilled roles.

Encourage and facilitate collaboration and sharing of best practices between Service Delivery Centres, with a focus on technology.


The Service Delivery Centre cluster is in its infancy. We’re currently planning events and other activities for 2019, to support the above objectives. If you would like to be involved in the cluster activity please contact Laura Kemp by emailing

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