Tech Talent Engine

Tech Talent Engine is funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and employers across the region.

The Tech Talent Engine project aims to drive collaboration across employers and education providers to more clearly articulate the digital career paths that are available to people within the region and support early-career and new-to-digital roles.

There is wide recognition that to support the sustainable growth of the digital sector in the North East, we need to focus on the development of the talent pipeline. And employers across the region recognise that they have a key role to play in talent pipeline development.

The Tech Talent Engine project will support regional businesses, particularly SMEs, to raise the profile of their digital roles and opportunities to attract the talent they need to fuel their growth.

You can visit the Tech Talent Engine here.


The Tech Talent Engine’s key objective is the creation and fulfilment of meaningful digital roles in the North East.

To achieve this objective the Talent Engine will help:

  • Employers to offer more training-oriented entry-point roles
  • Candidates to build their understanding of roles available and how their skills and interests align
  • Academic and training organisations to enable and support the building of relevant skills and matching of candidates to jobs


The Tech Talent Engine will:


Provide a digital platform to inspire people into the digital sector

  • Our digital platform that de-mystifies the roles available in the digital workforce and reduces the “intimidation factor” for people looking to enter this workforce.


Showcase the full breadth of digital role opportunities in regional organisations

  • We will showcase open roles across the breadth of companies looking to hire digital talent in the region.
  • We will showcase roles from well-known employer brands alongside SME roles to amplify the reach of SMEs.
  • We will support employers to align advertised vacancies to clear career pathways.
  • We will enable employers to access a large pool of interested candidates, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting efforts for entry-level roles.


Deliver outreach campaigns and events

  • We will communicate with our audiences, and ensure that the digital platform has a large, inclusive, and highly relevant audience.


Work with employers, training providers and educational organisations to develop new talent pipeline programmes

  • These programmes will be developed in collaboration and around industry requirements
  • The Talent Engine will function as a central resource for both employers and users to help them navigate the training landscape.


Nurture early-career and new-to-digital talent.

  • We will support this within new roles by creating an active community and mentorship network for digital trainees across employers in the region.
  • This will increase retention of these employees within the region and provide additional learning and development opportunities for them.


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