Cyber Eyes Wide Open

According to Christies, ‘Art and technology have a complex but meaningful history of working together and influencing one another’. Innovation in one often leads to innovation in the other. Through the amazing Cyber Eyes Wide Open prgramme we have been wroking with artists and businesses to develop this relationship further and enhance innovation, improve understanding and help communicate seemingly technical issues, such as cyber security, to a broader audience?

Here is a chance to exhibit the amazing Cyber Eyes Wide Open artworks.

About Cyber Eyes Wide Open

Following on from last year’s successful CyberCage event, Creative Fuse North East and CyberNorth have delivered another amazing project for #CyberFest 21.

The Cyber Eyes Wide Open project brought together participants from companies with an interest in cyber security to work with creative practitioners on the conjunction of art, technical and creativity to explore perspectives, visions and understanding of cyber security. The intervention leaves participating businesses, artsists and gallery visitors with a new creative way to think about their business and represent its values.

The intervention spaned a 3-month period over summer 2021, inclusing a physical workshop, starting the creative process and form working teams to develop exciting ways to innovatively visualise, perform and represent cyber security.

The artworks include painting, sculpture, poetry, ceramics, video and installation. They have been displayed at Breeze Creatives in both Sunderland and Newcastle during September, as part of #CyberFest 21, the North East’s biggest Cyber security festival.

We’re now looking for other galleries and public buildings, across the country, interested in presenting the Cyber Eyes Wide Open artworks

The following artists contributed: The following businesses contributed:
April Holingworth Inside Out Consulting
Rhonda Fenwick Communicloud
Caitlin Isabella Advantex
Beth Ross Ecommnet
James Hutchinson Guerrilla Working
Mel Connell
Hayley Jenkins
Nick Lewis
Samantha Tweddle
Ian Horn
Robert Campbell

About the exhibtion

There are 42 pieces ranging in size from 30 cm cubed to  2 m squared.

The exhibtion can be curated to fit the space available.

For more infrmoation contact 

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