Digital Peer Network – Support Available

Dynamo North East is working with the North East Growth Hub to offer SME businesses working in the digital sector, a minimum of 18 hours of  business support through the Digital Peer Network.

This is an exciting opportunity to join like minded, forward thinking businesses to address real issues. The number of places is limited and so don’t miss out!

Eligible businesses must be based in the North East LEP area, have between 5 – 249 employees (actual and not full time equivalent) and have a turnover greater than £100,000. For businesses affected by COVID, pre pandemic employee and turnover figures will be used. 

Participants will be drawn from both members and non-members of Dynamo North East.

What is the Digital Peer Network? 

The Digital Peer Group is a collection of senior business people working in the digital sector who come together to consider common issues using a collaborative action learning approach to problem solving. Facilitated sessions allow the group to raise issues and encourage members to draw upon their individual and collective experiences to add insight, leading to resolution. This approach gives participants access to experience and alternative thinking from other businesses around the region. It helps to improve the problem-solving process and increases the relevance of the resolution as it is drawn from peers.

How will it work?

The group will meet regularly for 2-3 hour sessions up to 18 hours, depending upon the requirements and availability of the group, during January and February 2022. These sessions will beheld online.

Issues for discussion will be invited from the group in advance of each session, with a focus on business resilience and productivity improvement. The facilitator will select a range of candidate topics, relevant to the Digital Peer Network, which will be put to the group for selection (in advance) and subsequent discussion. This process will be repeated in advance of each session to ensure that the group addresses the topics most relevant to its needs.

Notes will be available from each session, as well as a video recording, with participants and those who were not able to make a particular session able to add comments or thoughts.

Each session will follow the format with discussions lasting approximately 50 minutes:

  • Feedback from previous session (from session 2)
  • Purpose of the session
  • Discussion 1 
  • Discussion 2
  • Discussion 3 (depending upon the length of the session)

In addition, individual coaching and/or discussion sessions will be offered between sessions, maintaining a balance between the number of individual sessions and group sessions. These sessions will be online.

How do I sign up?

The number of places on the Digital Peer Group is limited. Registration for the programme will end on Friday 3 December at 17:00. For more information and to register please contact

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