‘Everyone Needs a Mentor’ Programme 2021

About the UTC

A UTC is a University Technical College and is different from other schools because it has unique support from local, high-profile industry partners and employers. Partners have been involved in the establishment of the UTC from the start and are helping develop and support our curriculum. The UTC is also sponsored by the University of Sunderland and has partnerships with all 5 North East Universities.

This means young people can take advantage of the UTC’s specialist subjects Health Science and Digital Technologies while still taking the GCSEs, A Levels and Technical Awards that you would at an ordinary school.

The North East has huge skills shortages in Health Sciences and Digital Technology industries; two of the fastest growing in the region. The UTC aims to help young people gain the correct skills and qualifications to thrive in these industries and help to grow the North East economy.

UTCs are for students aged 14-19 as this is the age when they will have a better idea of what they are really interested in and if they would enjoy learning in a high-tech environment.

The UTC will produce work ready graduates who are ready to enter the regions two fastest growing economic areas who are experiencing significant skills gaps ensuring they are ready to work with minimal additional training and investing in the north east regions talent pipeline.


Everyone Needs a Mentor

Our goal at the UTC is for all of our students to have an industry mentor so they get a really unique experience and some real quality support throughout their learning journey. Our mentors are able to share real life experience and guide our students to their preferred career pathway answering any questions, helping them build their employability skills and helping overcome challenges they may face. This will help our students become accustomed to collaboration and problem solving.

Our mentors play a key role in helping our students identify their career destinations and provide key information about their own industry experience. They are able to provide comfort to students and parents that there are opportunities in the sectors they have chosen and help them to carve a career path that they can be passionate about.

The ethos of the UTC and its mentor programme will help students face challenges they may encounter on their journey to their preferred career. They will do this by building confidence and introducing them employer expectations preparing them to be ‘work ready’ when they leave the UTC.



Once signed up to the programme we ask our mentors to provide 6 hours of mentor support in 1 hour slots throughout the year. We understand work schedules may be demanding so mentors will have the flexibility to rearrange sessions if required.

Mentors have the opportunity to be involved with the UTC in other ways although there will be no expectation for any further time commitment above the 6 hours mentoring.

The mentors will be invited to student open days and employer engagement sessions and will be asked to help ‘spread the word’ about the UTC and the work we are doing.


Further details available: NE Futures UTC Mentor Pack_2021

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