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Whether your business is one of the lucky ones who are seeing increased demand, a professional service advisor operating ‘business as usual’ or suffering the uncertainty of hospitality and service industries – there is no doubt that COVID19 is shining a spotlight on the mechanics of how you earn your living, and it’s a fair assumption that the future focus will include the acceleration of technology within the business.

How much will that cost? How to do you deal with technical debt (the extra work you have to do to fix a previous “shortcut”), and are you fixing the right problem in the first place?

The instinctive response to a crisis situation is to pull up the drawbridge and conserve resources, but as the dust settles and we wait to see what form the future takes – it is important to consider how technology is applied; relevant to the current situation but with an eye on the future, even if we can’t predict exactly how that will play out.

As Dynamo North East is the region’s largest technology network, it’s not surprising to have member focussing on exactly this type of dilemma. Codification founder Richard Smith focusses on a “build once, deploy anywhere” strategy, specialising in the world of cloud migration and containerisation.  His background is in both the public and private sector, and he has worked with a wide range of sectors from fintechs to government and regulatory bodies.

We are pleased that Richard and his team have reached out to Dynamo members with the offer of a business consultation – absolutely free of charge and with no obligation.  “If regional business grows, we all benefit” said Richard, “”and we recognise the importance of implementing the right technology solution as part of a growth strategy, to do otherwise can be a costly mistake”.

Codification are happy for members to contact them by telephone (01670 223 994) or via the website ( – just quote “CODEX” to verify your Dynamo membership. Alternatively, email

Whatever the future brings , Codification would like you to be in a good position to prepare for it.


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