IC3 Collaborative Funding Workshop

Date: Wednesday 9 September 2020

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm


The International Centre for Connected Construction (IC3) would like to invite you to a collaborative workshop with experts from industry, public sector and academia. The session will explore innovative ideas to help the sector bounce back stronger post COVID-19, with an eye on several multi-million pound funding streams available now and in the near future.

Despite being one of the worst hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a determination for the construction industry to build back better as we transition into a world post crisis. The pandemic has further exposed gaps in the market, particularly those that contribute to the lack of resilience. An overdependence on excessive site-based labour, for example, has left the industry at the mercy of public health restriction, further impacting productivity, skills shortages and ultimately quality.

Making up about six per cent of the Uk’s economy, and employing around seven per cent of our workforce, there is no doubt that construction is a pillar industry for the country that is vital to the nation’s recovery. But it is also vital to helping combat crises of this nature in the future. From new materials and surfaces in buildings that could stem the spread of disease, to the development of effective digital tools to help with capacity planning and crowd movement through buildings, to the introduction of new processes and materials that reduce carbon emissions and waste to help the country build back more sustainably, the industry has a huge role to play in resilience on a global scale.

While the industry may have made some progress in certain areas during the pandemic – the use of cloud computing and digital tools has increased exponentially – there is a long way to go for the industry to truly live up to its potential. The Construction Leadership Council has set out its road map for recovery which aims to see the industry reinvented within 24 months, with value, collaboration and partnership core to its vision. With the previous sector deal already playing a role in boosting R&D spend for the sector to an all time high in 2019, there is now a flurry of funding available to support the sector in its recovery – UKRI’s open call for COVID-19, the recently launched £191million Sustainable Innovation Fund and the imminent follow on from the industrial strategy’s £170million construction sector deal.

During this session, we will bring experts together to explore the key challenges faced by the construction industry and wider society going forward, and the role our sector can play in addressing those issues. The IC3 team will host the session, helping to shape innovative ideas into fundable projects that could apply for a slice of funding via the various upcoming competitions. We will also be on hand to help team progress these ideas following the event.

Once you have registered for the event, you will receive a link to the session which will take place via Microsoft Teams. If you do not receive a link to the event 48 hours before it is due to begin, please contact researchsupport@northumbria.ac.uk

Location: via Microsoft Teams

Campus: Off Campus


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