Komodo Digital: Elevating Tech Collaboration with Dynamo Members

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Dynamo community – Komodo Digital, is an agency focused on helping companies successfully deliver tailored, high-quality digital products, faster. Since their inception in 2003 they have routinely provided digital experiences across web and mobile to startups and SMEs in both the private and public sectors.

As we welcome them to our community, let’s delve into what makes their journey with Dynamo so exciting.

Inspired by connecting the North East tech sector

Komodo’s decision to join Dynamo was driven by a very productive conversation with the Dynamo team and the infectious energy buzzing within the North East tech community.

Head of Commercial at Komodo, Chris Jones said: It’s clear Dynamo is playing a key role in bringing people from leading industries and companies together. The growth and success of their events speaks for itself – why wouldn’t we want to get involved with that.”

Supporting Dynamo Members

As Komodo come onboard the Dynamo journey, they are very excited about what we have to offer in 2024. Komodo are keen to get involved with the various events that our team are planning such as our core events; Dynamo Dinner, TechNExt and the Dynamites Awards and our more regular events to attract our members with valued networking opportunites.

Experts at a helping hand

In the words of the organisation:

Whether you are looking to make existing customers’ lives easier, break into new markets or become revolutionary in their existing space – you can access the proven expertise required to ensure success through Komodo.”


We are delighted that Komodo is joining Dynamo to complement our community of members and by getting involved with our events and support other members to help grow the North East tech sector.

If you are not a Dynamo member yet but would like to get involved, get in touch for a conversation today. 

Contact: info@dynamonortheast.co.uk


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