Leysen Associates have introduced ‘Gannin Yem’

Dynamo Member, Leysen Associates, have introduced ‘Gannin Yem’, a Proof of Concept to see what appetite there is in the ‘Tyne /Tees’ region for employers to add (to their existing initiatives) hiring back mid and senior level ‘Tec-Savvy’ professionals who originated from the region previously. Leysen will need to work with real and live roles from these employers to conform to the requirements of the Employment Agencies Act 1973.

As this is a POC only at this stage, there will be no fees charged by Leysen for the 3 months of the study, based on the hiring start date of the returnee. Leysen will introduce a fee structure similar to other recruiters in the religion if the POC becomes a ‘live’ product subsequently.

As Leysen intends to work with Invest Newcastle to ‘bundle up’ the regional offering to returners, making it hopes a higher acceptance rate of job offers, it will work with Invest Newcastle free of charge also.

Leysen is a highly regarded ‘Tech’ search and contracting firm of 25 years standing, which has always been profitable, and it will deploy search (AKA head hunting) techniques which it already does for firms of all sizes and determinations throughout the UK and beyond to source the ‘candidate’ side of this POC.

Please note that Leysen will NOT be head-hunting existing staff already working or living in the region. The Parters at Leysen are both locals themselves, one a Geordie, and one a Mackem, and they will both be personally funding this initiative.

For further information or to express your interest, please contact Derek Wreay on 07973 158143 or email derek.wreay@leysen.com

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