is dedicated to creating simple and powerful open source tools for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, life science and beyond. Our unique approach is to tackle the complications of fairness, accountability and transparency from start-to-finish of the AI pipeline; by creating tools for reducing bias, enabling audit, and for private and secure collaborative AI. Our current and future tools include image quality assessment, multidimensional data annotation, collaborative AI development tools and tools for regulating AI products. Every tool fits together into a unique pipeline that ensures fairness, accountability and transparency across the AI product development map. The ultimate goal for is to facilitate a new dawn for the AI revolution in healthcare, life science and beyond.

Join @Scotty_McMullan, @word_nerdy and @craigcampbell03 on 9th Dec for 'Planning for Digital Growth in 2021' meet up. Join us to share your problems and concerns for the year ahead & the opportunity to share best practices. Register here…

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