Infotel UK

Infotel UK is a subsidiary of The Infotel Conseil Group. Infotel UK was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne. With the growth of our UK business, we invested in a purpose-built innovation lab, allowing us to further support businesses with their IT requirements. We specialise in technical innovation and digital transformation, providing data management systems to businesses, process improvement applications, software design, systems migration, and systems integration. We are also a software vendor, with our GDPR compliance software — Deepeo. Weworkwith clients across numerous business sectors, including automotive, the f inancial sector, the public sector, and supply chain and logistics. Being members of Dynamo means we’re able to serve our community as much as it serves us, and we’re delighted to support skills development and learning within the tech sector. By engaging with new and existing members from all business areas, we can’t wait to support regional research and innovation

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