The Key

We exist to inspire belief in young people, aged 11-25, across the North East of England. We want to create a world where young people believe in their ideas and take responsibility for living them.

The Key Framework began life back in the late 70’s as the brainchild of a determined group of youth workers and academics based in the North East. Since then, we’ve built a charity around it to enable hundreds of other youth and community organisations to deliver it too.

As an organisation, The Key has cleverly evolved and adapted over the years to the ever-changing environment for charities and young people. But we’ve always stuck to our roots and are very proud to have kept The Key Framework at the core of everything we do. What’s more, we’re continually finding ways to maximize its impact on young people.

We believe life is much more rewarding when you are in control of the things that really matter and when you can experience life on your own terms.

We know young people have amazing potential. That’s why we work our socks off to provide them with a framework to discover what they’re capable of and to generate the drive and determination to do something meaningful with their lives.

We are looking forward to a bright future ahead with big ideas as we inspire belief in more and more young people.

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