Dynamo North East CIC have set some ambitious objectives for its membership scheme over the next 5 years, with the ultimate goal of supporting the North East’s enterprise IT industry to continue to grow, thrive and establish a constant pipeline of work-ready, skill-matched employees to meet the demands of the growing sector.

We also run a number of cluster groups which cover areas including BIM, Cyber, Professional Services and Shared Services. Membership fees help to fund our cluster events, enabling us to pull together exciting projects like IC3 and also give you access to a huge range of events, business and networking opportunities.

There are various categories and levels of membership depending on the size of the firm or organisation in question. Please note that for non-IT companies with an IT department, you can join at the level appropriate to the number of IT staff members you have.

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‘Member news’ listing

Access to exclusive members annual dinner

Member directory listing

Access to seasonal social events

Website logo & URL listing

Numerous networking opportunities

Opportunity to be involved in the Dynamo Clusters

Access to quarterly Think Tank lunches

Access to Dynamo Panel events

Share best practices

Opportunity to host Dynamo Panel events*

Collaborate & exchange ideas with other members

Access to member logo

Sponsorship opportunities (Clusters and Events)

20% member discount (on selected events)

Raise profile (via newsletter, member news, events, case studies & Hotspot magazine directory)

*Applicable for all levels of membership with the exception of Bytesize. Dynamo Panel events will be hosted by an Affinity partner maximum of twice per year.


Why become
a member

Collaborating with other regional players
Growing your employees of the future
Dynamo Develops to suit the needs of your orginisation
Growing through growth of our IT cluster
Plugging into an enterprise IT network
Giving back to the community
Growing workstreams and projects
Cybersecurity for your organisation
Finding delivery partners and specialists
Bringing ideas to a wider audience


Core businesses in the IT & tech industry

Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte
£200 + VAT £450 + VAT £850 + VAT £2000 + VAT
1–12 13–49 50–250 250+

Non-IT & tech companies

Affinity Supporter Student
£800 + VAT £450 + VAT £10 + VAT
Professional services Supporters of Tech Industry

Membership Fees Terms

January to June = 100% membership fee charged
July to October = 50% membership fee charged
November & December = Charged for 13/14 months to cover the remaining months plus 100% of the following years full fee.

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07719 030607

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