Mistura Informatics offering free access to MaPPs system for healthcare providers

Mistura Informatics Ltd are offering 3 months of free, no-obligation access to the MaPPs system to help healthcare providers through the COVID-19 crisis.

Mistura is a North East Health-tech company that centrally develop and deliver digitally accessible electronic resources for healthcare to help and inform patients, carers and service users about medication. MaPPs is an online resource that provides a simplified 300-word patient information summary on over 6,000 medicines available in the UK. The aims of the service are to improve medicines taking behaviour of patients to obtain health outcome gains, to save clinicians time in explaining how complicated medicines work and to reduce waste in medicines.

MaPPs provides a simple summary of almost all medicines available in the UK, including what the drug is, how to take it and its possible side effects, in a patient-friendly personalised leaflet.

MaPPs is available to all clinical staff across approximately 100 wards and multiple locations of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT).

Heather Smith, a Consultant Pharmacist at LTHT, provides first-hand insights into how the Trust uses the MaPPs medicines information software.

Why is there a need for MaPPs?

LTHT wanted to offer improved medicines information that was clear, simple and contained all the important details to enhance service delivery and patient care in line with the NHS England CQUIN requirements.

“Discharge can be a busy and stressful time for patients and carers and with focus elsewhere, critical information about new or changed medicines can be missed.”

Care for older people is a specialist area for the trust and they cover a wide population including some for whom English is not their first language, MaPPs large print information sheets and MERLs easy read pictorial sheets have assisted the Trust to help harder to reach patients. It is particularly useful for those suffering from dementia, problems with memory and understanding and who have learning difficulties.

For further information on the MaPPs system, please see this case study:

MaPPs case study

For information on the trial or to set it up for your organisation contact: Lisa.yates@misturainformatics.org, dan.price@misturainformatics.org or ring 07732623547

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