MSP solutions halve production time for leading manufacturer

Manufacturing technology developed in the North East by software specialists MSP has seen an international manufacturer halve production time for its world-leading gas turbine components.

Doncasters Precision Castings – Deritend, produces industrial gas turbine components and is part of the Doncasters Group who are a global leader in their field, with over 3,700 employees and a turnover in excess of £650 million.

Through its adoption of metrology software pioneered by MSP, alongside world leading engineering technology from MSP’s associate company Renishaw plc, Doncasters has seen huge cuts in production and machining time – as a direct result, its typical gas turbine nozzle is now produced in two hours rather than four, and the machining of complex components has fallen from eight hours to just two.

By using MSP’s NC-PerfectPart and NC-Checker software, which guarantees perfect parts every time  – alongside the RMP600 high accuracy probes produced by Renishaw – Doncasters, based in Droitwich, has also made significant increases in overall productivity through the removal of errors from its process.

It is the latest major client to see significant benefits through adopting MSP’s products, with previous successes including saving of 9.5 hours on setup time for one leading Formula 1 team, and  achieving £21 million in cost savings during the lifetime of the F-35 fighter jet project for BAE Systems. Most recently, leading global aerospace manufacturer Quickstep Technologies, based in Australia, credited MSP with helping it halve their parts setup time and reduce rework of parts by 75 per cent.

Ollie Macrow, Doncasters’ Engineering Project Manager, said: “When you are dealing with superalloy castings worth thousands of pounds, it’s nice to have the assurance before you cut metal that the machined part will be correct. Costs are also a concern: in addition to the cost of the casting there is the time that is lost and – given the material – the relatively high cost of tooling. Additionally, there are certain components that are not reworkable, so if it’s wrong after machining, it’s scrap.

“What has happened here is a really positive story, and we would be no-where near where we are now without the support of MSP and Renishaw. Our customers are giving us positive feedback as we have greatly improved our right-first-time pass rate. I genuinely feel that we would not be successfully machining castings without the help of MSP and Renishaw. The support we get from them is great – they are at the end of the phone if we call, and on-site when we need them.”

Tony Brown, who founded MSP alongside Peter Hammond in 2002, having both previously worked in the manufacturing sector and being frustrated by its inefficiencies, said: “We are delighted that we have helped Doncasters to make such significant savings on time and vastly improve their efficiency. By ensuring from the earliest stage of the process that parts are going to be perfect, there are also huge cost savings to be made, too.

“Our products can be used by companies across the advanced manufacturing industry and provide an automated way to achieve process accuracy. We have built a global client base on the back of  letting our products and their results do the talking and are seeing strong and continued levels of growth as businesses – be they multi-national operations or single site ventures – discover the impact we can have on their productivity, efficiency and bottom line for themselves.”

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