Newcastle College: Graduate Internship Opportunity for Employers

£10,000 Grant Towards 12 month Employment Costs 

Newcastle College University Centre currently has an exciting opportunity for employers within the Digital Technologies and Engineering industries to engage in a unique internship project.

We are currently looking for employers who would like the opportunity to select and employ a Newcastle College University Centre graduate to work as a part-funded intern within their organisation for a 12-month period commencing August/September 2019.

Internship support is available for graduates from our BSc Applied Computing, BSc Networking & Cyber Security, BSc Games Technologies courses, with around 20 candidates to select from.

Newcastle College University Centre will make a £10,000 contribution towards the intern’s salary for the 12 month internship

Intern to be paid a minimum salary of £20,000 per annum

Intern will be employed by the employer, and Newcastle College will provide a £10,000 grant towards the intern’s salary

We would expect the employer to consider permanent employment beyond 12 month internship, altough permanent employment is not mandatory

Newcastle College will require the intern to provide 10 days of support to Newcastle College University Centre to disseminate work experience to current students and support project research activities (one day per month over 10 months).

The intern selection process is as follows:

  • Employers attend a Show Case Day on Thursday 13th June to meet student applicants
  • Employers select a short-list of candidates
  • Employers conduct formal job interview for short-listed candidates
  • Employers make job offer to preferred candidate
  • Intern starts work August/September 2019

For more details, please contact Laura Gower,

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