Oak Engage launches Aria, the AI assistant for effortless employee engagement

Award-winning employee engagement and intranet solution, Oak Engage has today announced the launch of Aria, their new AI-powered virtual assistant, which will revolutionise how businesses communicate with their people.

Initially, Aria will save communicators valuable time and boost productivity by creating high quality content based on your prompts, streamlining the content creation process. Aria is the driving force behind Oak Engage and will eventually seamlessly integrate with various functionalities, including Search and Analytics, empowering users at every step.

As well as Aria, Oak Engage has launched Campaigns. Communicators can experience the power of automation with their intuitive dashboard which allows you to manage all of your campaigns in one place, offering a convenient and efficient way to create, organise and schedule messaging. Businesses can reinforce important information and with Oak’s AI Smart Delivery engine, messages are precisely targeted to the right audience at the right time for increased engagement and maximum impact.

Oak also enables you to gain valuable insights into the success of your campaign’s through comprehensive analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions to optimise your strategies.

Dave Ferguson, Director of Product at Oak Engage said: “Aria is a game changer in the world of employee engagement. Communicators are overworked and under-resourced so we understand the challenges they face in creating compelling content that resonates with their employees. We also know how difficult it is to get relevant information to people and to cut through the noise. Our mission is to make communication simple. So with the launch of Aria and Campaigns, we aim to alleviate those challenges and provide a powerful tool that simplifies the entire process, whilst delivering exceptional results.”

“We want to empower businesses by giving them the best tools to enable them to communicate intelligently with their people, wherever they are, 24/7. This is an important next step in Oak’s journey, signalling our continued growth. We want to embrace the power of AI and automation and transform the digital experience for employees and provide businesses with cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of their people.”

Oak Engage is a better way to mobilise, motivate and engage your people and is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world including Aldi, boohoo, Five Guys and NatWest. They empower teams to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. For more information, visit their website. 

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