Secerna: Amplifying IP Expertise For The North East Tech Sector With Dynamo Membership

We are delighted to welcome the newest addition to the Dynamo community – Secerna, a Chartered & European patent attorney firm providing service on the protection, enforcement and defence of intellectual assets. As we welcome them to our community, let’s delve into what makes their journey with Dynamo compelling.

Inspired by the North East Tech Buzz

Secerna’s decision to join Dynamo is fuelled by the infectious energy buzzing within the North East tech community.

Their commitment to the North East tech scene extends beyond simply offering services. Secerna actively engage in initiatives that fuel growth and foster collaboration, which is why joining Dynamo was a decisive step. Recognising a community-driven ambition to position the region competitively on a national scale, Secerna sees itself as a contributor.

Secerna’s LLP Partner, Jason Boakes, said: “Dynamo’s diverse network provides a unique platform for knowledge exchange and strategic partnerships. Sharing best practices and collaborating with other members allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation and contribute meaningfully to the region’s development.”

Innovation and collaboration for the North East tech sector

Looking ahead to 2024, apart from supporting members and attending events, Secerna’s true excitement for Dynamo lies in amplifying the North East’s innovative spirit on a national stage and fostering deeper collaboration within focused tech areas.

Secerna see themselves contributing IP expertise to digital clusters and tackling emerging challenges like AI and blockchain. They believe in collaboration over competition, and are eager to work alongside Dynamo and educational institutions to build a sustainable talent pipeline and attract top minds to the region. This collaborative approach, not just networking, is what truly fuels their excitement for Dynamo’s future.

Supporting Dynamo Members

As Secerna joins Dynamo, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise that directly benefits Dynamo members:

  • Unrivalled IP Solutions: Comprehensive protection, enforcement, and defence strategies for patents, trademarks, and designs, tailored to the specific needs of IT and digital as well as more traditional innovation lead businesses.
  • Commercially Focused Approach: Understand the business imperatives behind IP and work collaboratively to maximize value from intellectual assets while helping optimize value from any situation.
  • Deep Sector Knowledge: Experience in diverse IT and digital sub-sectors, enabling them to provide relevant and insightful guidance.
  • Global Reach, Local Touch: Manage applications and disputes across the UK, Europe, and worldwide, ensuring IP has the international protection it deserves.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Actively engage with members, sharing knowledge, and contributing to cluster development and strategic initiatives.

Secerna would also be delighted to offer Dynamo Members a complimentary 2-hour IP consultation to review their current IP landscape, help to develop a strategic IP roadmap, and to help address specific concerns related to intellectual property.

Mutual Growth with Dynamo

Secerna’s aspirations with Dynamo are clear – beyond networking, they want to empower Dynamo members with the tools they need to secure protection for their ideas, allowing them to confidently navigate the market and unlock their full potential. They also help IP rights owners when others try to copy their key innovations. understanding evolving issues and challenges, and provide meaningful contributions.

Secerna in a Nutshell

In the words of the organisation:

Our clients include multi-national corporations, FTSE and NYSE listed companies, universities, spin-out companies, growth businesses and innovators worldwide. Our team helps clients to create and extract the maximum value from their intellectual property, while reducing costs.

We act directly before the UKIPO, EPO, EUIPO and WIPO in all aspects of intellectual property including patent, trade mark and design applications, registrations, oppositions and appeals. We have a reputation for excellence, deep sector experience and a passion for meeting clients’ business goals.


If you are not a Dynamo member yet but would like to get involved, get in touch for a conversation today. 



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