Seriös Group agrees UK IoT analytics deal with Australia’s

Seriös Group is enabling businesses across the UK to cut costs, create efficiencies and improve their sustainability after agreeing to be the preferred UK analytics partner of Australian IoT provider

The Newcastle-headquartered data analytics and testing solutions specialist says that actionable data is transforming the way modern businesses operate – and is helping companies recoup income lost during the pandemic.

The tiny industrial grade wireless sensors, which can monitor everything from vibration and temperature to utility meters, can be fitted in hard-to-reach places that make regular physical checks ineffective.

The real time data is used in a range of applications, from smart building monitoring, supply chain management, predictive maintenance and improving customer experience. developed the IoT technology and Seriös Group, which is collaborating with Hampshire-based psi technologies to fit the sensors, has been appointed as preferred analytics partner in the UK as well as a distributor of the IoT devices. Capable of measuring 16 different key performance indicators, the data is transmitted to secure dashboards that are accessible from a mobile or desktops.

Lee Rorison, CEO of Seriös Group, said: “We are delighted to be working with as a distributor and their preferred UK analytics partner. We are already supplying the sensors to some big players in the real estate and facilities management space across the UK, as well as cutting edge cloud IoT analytics solutions.

“The number of companies using IoT devices is increasing dramatically as they recognise the importance of reducing costs, creating efficiencies, and improving their safety and sustainability performance – doubly important against a background of the pandemic, when so many suffered a loss of income.

“The IoT also supports their ambitions to shrink their carbon footprint through a better use of resources.

“It’s often problematic and expensive to retrofit wired devices, but’s wireless IoT gateway can auto connect to 1,000 sensors within a 500-metre radius indoors or a 5km radius outdoors.

“One of our large global real estate clients are trialling the sensors with a view to reducing asset manual inspections by 50 percent over the next three years.

Having best of breed analytics in the cloud to enable at scale analysis of the IoT sensors is a crucial component in helping our clients reach their target cost savings.

“The benefits are applicable across every sector, and data from buildings, assets and spaces can be analysed to unlock potential and improve business outcomes.”

Rob Cumming, CEO of, said: “The expertise and innovative vision displayed by Seriös Group makes it the ideal choice as our preferred UK analytics partner, and I hope it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.”

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