A Blyth-based IT start-up operating in the communications infrastructure sector, has announced a new contract win which will give it a foot in the door in a sector which will add significant growth potential to its business.

Set up in December 2015, by directors Claire Hollyman and Kev Latimer, Trench Networks Limited (Trench Networks) created Outpost a one-box, wireless internet access solution using sophisticated technology designed by Mr Latimer.

Primarily designed for use on construction sites where landlines are non-existent, expensive and time-consuming to install, Outpost provides unrivalled WiFi access for contractors and clients alike. Combining 4G connections from multiple mobile providers simultaneously, Outpost delivers high download speeds and much-needed reliability and continuity from day one.

Following a direct approach by Lancashire-based holiday park operator, Ribby Hall, to see whether Trench Networks could overcome a problem with providing WIFI access to its fleet of caravans and holiday homes, the IT specialist developed a bespoke piece of equipment which has subsequently been trialled over an eight-week period to great success, leading to this latest contract win.

Once live, the equipment will provide WiFi for up to 500 caravans and holiday homes at any one time and has the capacity to be scaled up as required.  Due to the wide age range of users, Trench Networks has also incorporated specific protection and filtering options ensuring that the equipment is fully compliant with the Internet Watch Foundation.

Speaking about the difficulties holiday operators face when it comes to providing holiday home owners and holidaymakers with access to reliable WiFi, Claire Hollyman, who is responsible for sales and business development at Trench Networks, said:

“We were delighted when Ribby Hall approached us to see if we could provide a solution to meet their WiFi needs.  Using the core technology he developed for our construction clients, Kev set about building a bespoke system suitable for use in a holiday park environment which would be both reliable for the user and cost effective for the client.

“Holiday parks are often situated in rural locations where it is difficult to get access to Internet services in the same way you would a residential property.  Installing a landline to each caravan is not an option, because it is too costly and disruptive to dig up a park to install landlines or fibre optic.  Our solution is unlike any other currently on the market and, because we build it ourselves here in the region, it allows us to operate in-caravan WiFi through to internet access, serviced by 24/7 monitoring and technical support.

“This latest contract will have a significantly positive impact on the business and we expect it to create a five-fold increase in annual turnover which will take us to the next stage of growth.  We are very much looking forward to working in a new sector and in particular with the team at Ribby Hall Village.”

The popularity of caravan holidays and holiday home ownership is increasing with discerning holiday makers expecting more from their accommodation and on-site facilities.  When coupled with the growth in the use of mobile devices to stay connected and access social media, as well as listen to music and watch catch up TV and movies, it highlights the need for operators to provide reliable internet access with good download speeds.

Impressed by Trench Network’s approach, its unique offering and ability to build a bespoke system, Ribby Hall’s chief executive, Paul Harrison, commented:

As a well-established 5 star holiday destination, we pride ourselves on the standard of accommodation we have on The Village and the high-level of services guests and owners have come to expect when staying with us. We continually look at how we might improve facilities and when trialling Trench Network’s equipment, we were extremely impressed by both the download speeds it achieved and the reliability of the WiFi.  

“Trench Network has visited Ribby Hall Village to establish what we need as a business and the technology is unobtrusive and has no negative impact on the infrastructure. It genuinely delivers and supports the demands of a 100-acre holiday village. We are confident that this latest investment will bring real benefit to the business”

Whilst continuing to build its client base in the construction and house building sectors, working with companies such as Ascent Homes and Arch Northumberland, Trench Networks is also in discussion with other holiday park operators. The company is currently planning its next move, as this exciting growth in demand for its innovative technology has led to the need for additional workshop space and a drive in recruitment.

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