Square One Law: Igniting Growth in North East Tech with Dynamo Membership

We’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Dynamo community – Square One Law, a values driven commercial law firm with a vision for empowering the North East tech sector. As we welcome them aboard, let’s delve into what makes their journey with Dynamo compelling.


Inspired by the North East Tech Buzz

Square One Law’s decision to join Dynamo is fuelled by the infectious energy buzzing within the North East tech community. Recognising a community-driven ambition to position the region competitively on a national scale, Square One Law sees itself as a contributor.

Square One Law’s Managing Partner, Gill Hunter said: “…there is a real buzz around the technology community in the North East, and we find it infectious. Dynamo has a key role in bringing everyone together to turn the North East into a true national technology hub.”


Anticipating TechNExt 2024 – A Fringe Event in the Works!

Looking ahead to 2024, Square One Law is most excited about TechNExt 2024, anticipating an event even grander than the brilliant festival last year. But that is not all – they’re planning their own fringe event within TechNExt 2024, aimed at guiding tech businesses in safeguarding their intellectual property. The message is clear – watch this space for innovations and insights!


Square One Law in a Nutshell

In the words of the organisation:

“Square One Law is a commercial law firm with offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, Leeds and Darlington. We support tech companies ranging from start-ups to national firms across multiple sectors including IT, digital, engineering, automotive, life sciences, energy and more. We are a progressive and values driven organisation with a distinctive culture where our lawyers are actively encouraged to be creative and fearless.

We treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own and provide a clear way forward by giving opinions rather than the more traditional approach of listing legal options. It is important to us that we understand the businesses we represent: this is how we build long-term and trusted relationships.

Our focus is not just to provide a high-quality service, but find solutions, add value and support our clients as and when needed. People, environment and community are important to us and our key purpose is to protect and help our clients’ businesses to grow by taking action and effecting change in the communities in which we live and work.

Our work doesn’t stop once a project is completed. This is why many of our clients have stayed with us since we were a start-up 13 years ago.”


Mutual Growth with Dynamo

Square One Law’s aspirations with Dynamo are clear – to strengthen relationships with the North East’s brilliant tech-related businesses and sector supporters. Their goal is to stay closely connected to the community, understanding evolving issues and challenges, and provide meaningful contributions. They pledge to actively support and promote Dynamo’s events, seek collaboration opportunities, and host informative sessions on complex legal topics essential to tech businesses.



If you are not a Dynamo member yet but would like to get involved, get in touch for a conversation today. Contact: info@dynamonortheast.co.uk

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