The Value of Key Manager Peer Groups

Many suggest that peer groups and peer learning are the future of management and leadership development; and we’d certainly agree.

By bringing people together who have no formal accountability to or interactions with each other, it’s possible to create deep learnings that wouldn’t otherwise be attainable.

Working with like-minded business leaders and managers is known to be an effective way to share knowledge, find solutions to common challenges, and explore ideas and approaches that you may never have considered but are proven to work in other businesses.

It’s also an opportunity for managers to explore the relationship between their own personal growth as a leader and the impact they will have on the business.

And then there’s the ripple effect; your managers’ growth will undoubtedly drive the growth of those around them.

As the saying goes, if two minds are better than one, imagine the power of 12.

How do our Key Manager Peer Groups work?

The Experience Bank Key Manager Peer Groups are semi-structured, with a flexible ‘curriculum’ of topics always aligned to the challenges faced by the group members.

Each session will combine personal growth with the opportunity to apply business techniques and theory, and of course, bring shared experiences to solve common challenges.

Our Key Manager Peer Groups are made up of 12 like-minded individuals from a diverse range of North East based SMEs, all focused on developing their leadership potential. With clear expectations, set by themselves and their fellow group members, your managers will be accountable to their peers in a very different way to the usual pressures and reporting structures they have at work.

What can your managers expect from our Key Manager Peer Groups?

Built on core foundations of psychological safety, our Key Manager Peer Groups are safe and trusted, non-judgemental, collaborative, objective, and fair.

Not only does that create a sense of connectedness, this also provides the freedom to think and speak without limits.

In addition to covering the broadest range of functional disciplines, participants will work on the so-called softer skills that research suggests account for 85% of job success.

In fact, we’re confident that participants will learn as much about themselves and their business by solving someone else’s challenges as they will when the group focuses on them.

Who will benefit from being part of a Key Manager Peer Groups?

The Experience Bank Key Manager Peer Groups are ideal for those who have moved from a functional role into management with little formal training.

Equally, they offer an opportunity for those with a more formal background to experience an intensely practical environment in which to apply their learning. Or perhaps people who are looking to broaden their portfolio of knowledge and explore new, effective ways to lead others.

Free from the constraints of daily imperatives, our Key Manager Peer Groups are a time-efficient way to broaden perspectives, benefit from the experience and knowledge of others in a similar position and learn new leadership and management skills in a context-relevant situation.

Some managers can be unaware of the value of the tacit knowledge that they have accumulated, and the Key Manager Peer Groups will help them build the confidence to make the most of the knowledge they already have.

Why your business will benefit as much as the individual

According to research, peer groups enable businesses to advance growth by two to three times their normal levels.

By learning outside of their normal work environment, across markets and industries, your managers will be able to leverage the knowledge they acquire and share new tools and ideas with the wider business. They will explore and learn about leadership in different sectors and settings, learning from their peers and helping to bring back new and different approaches to leadership that could inspire new ways of working.

They’ll also appreciate the investment and commitment you’re making in them, driving loyalty and engagement.

Critically, the Key Manager Peer Group will give them the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space – enhancing valuable leadership skills, such as listening, being vulnerable, getting comfortable with others’ perspectives and emotions, asking insightful questions, giving and getting direct feedback, and helping people find their own solutions.

The development of leaders through enhanced emotional intelligence – helping them better understanding how to motivate and inspire their people – will encourage the development of a high-performance culture in which talent is nurtured and potential is unlocked.

What’s more they’ll be bolder; they’ll enhance their strategic thinking skills; and they’ll become better at coaching, motivating, and developing people.

Personal and Business Growth

How it works

  • A virtual (Zoom) 3 hour monthly meeting, with an in-person meeting each quarter, facilitated by Angela Huntley or Stephen Green of CUBED Mindset
  • Agenda aligned to issues facing the group, along with flexible ‘curriculum’ of relevant techniques and tools
  • Focus on personal growth to support leadership and management skills
  • Each member can and should bring topics, issues, opportunities, or questions for discussion and they will be explored by peers in action learning sets
  • Relevant speakers and subject matter experts invited where it supports the challenges faced by the group
  • All members will always commit to full confidentiality
  • Members encouraged to maintain a ‘record of progress’
  • Brief topic summary provided to support individual notes following each session


Fees are £350 plus VAT per month. The Experience Bank Group gifts 5% of all revenue to The Experience Bank™ social enterprise which provides early-stage entrepreneurs with free access to high quality board advisory and non-executive talent

What makes a good member?

We are seeking members that show evidence of many of these characteristics:

  • Emerging leadership talent
  • Interested in growing personally and professionally
  • Looking to improve and broaden their contribution to your business
  • Committed to life-long learning
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Leadership and management embedded in performance
    and development plan
  • Respected by their colleagues
  • Curious

They may be part of a plan to promote from within and ‘grow your own’ and, as a result, have moved from a functional role into management.

Whether or not they have undertaken any formal management training, the Key Manager Peer Groups will provide an opportunity to apply theory, concepts and learning.

Programme Kick-Off

The programme kick-off session will include introductions, objectives, expectations, benefits, member charter and dates for meetings. Members will be sent Zoom calendar invites.

Key Manager Peer Group Purpose

  • Engaging in a diverse, challenging, interactive group which delivers significant business growth, personal value, enjoyment and continuous personal learning and development.
  • Achieving individual business goals by contributing ideas and sharing best practice.
  • Helping each other achieve a healthy, fulfilling and balanced personal life

This will be achieved through our 10 promises as members

I attend

My presence is critical, I aim for 100% attendance; to be on time and not leave early; it is my obligation to let the group know in advance of my inability to attend.

I engage

I pay attention and ignore interruptions; I listen to understand; I speak in order to add value; I participate fully.

I speak up

My voice is my contribution; silence = 100% agreement; I am ready to challenge my fellow members, but in a caring, supportive way.

I share

I bring my biggest challenges, biggest opportunities and real issues to every meeting; I am open and honest.

I protect

I am committed to ensuring my group is a safe place for unbiased advice and feedback; I maintain the highest degree of confidentiality.

I am myself

I am authentic and honest; I offer real life experiences and advice from my unique vantage point.

I support

I rally to my fellow members; I care about my fellow group members; I will always ask ”How have I helped the group, or someone in the group, this month?”.

I act

I do not unnecessarily hesitate with the input from the group; I hold group members to account to do the things we say we want to do.

I respect

I am respectful of my fellow members and guests; I let go of judgement and am open to other points of view; I am here to help; I offer advice and experience not instruction.

I enjoy

I come to have fun; I take pride in my achievements of business and personal goals.


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