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Blog from Trench Networks are a new business offering a fresh approach from traditional comparison sites to save you money on your energy costs . They were based at an office in Walker and in the process of relocating to offices in central Newcastle which was easier to commute to and supported their expansion across three floors.


The Challenge

Troocost needed to move to their Newcastle offices as soon as possible as they were paying rent on the new space but it was sitting empty. The one thing holding them up? The Internet. They were seeing months of delays in getting their leased line installed and as an online-based company, they just couldn’t move in to the new space without having communications. The cellular coverage in the new offices was not great and being in a city centre meant the networks were very congested.  However, having access to the internet and to their phone system was essential and resulted in the staff having to stay where they were until this issue was sorted and a brand new office space sitting empty. CEO Andrew Richardson had already sought advice from two IT experts to explore the chances of being able to get a temporary solution installed and was told there was nothing that could be done.


The Solution

After receiving a recommendation from a friend, Andrew gave us a call to see if this was indeed the case. After one quick phone call to discuss his needs we went to his new office to do a site survey and by the Tuesday of the following week we had our solution installed. Barely two working days after Andrew’s initial approach to us. Staff were up and running and raring to go with our solution hitting speeds of up to 70Mbps! All this meant Andrew saved months of paying for empty offices and meant they could get cracking straight away!

Andrew Richardson – CEO, “We simply could not have moved in without this solution from Trench Networks. They have saved us months of throwing money down the drain paying for empty office space whilst we wait to get the leased lines sorted. I cannot recommend them highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a temporary access solution. Their expertise and knowledge in Wi-Fi and the solution they have built is outstanding”

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