Video conferencing firm awarded £3.9m DWP contract

A UK video specialist has been awarded a Department of Work and Pensions contract to provide communications services to support the virtualisation of the UK benefits system.

The virtual care platform Induction’s partner company Involve, will supply the DWP with its web-based video consultation platform, Induction Attend Anywhere (IAA).

This will allow members of the public to hold a video consultation with DWP assessors in relation to their financial support needs as an alternative to a face-to-face meeting.

The contract value to Involve is up to £3.95m for the initial two years, totalling up to £7.79m for the full four years.

The contract value to Induction is up to £2.6m for the initial two years, based on usage, totalling up to a maximum of £5.2m for the full four years, assuming the contract is extended for the additional two years. There will be a small contribution of around £150K to the Group’s revenue in the current financial year.

IAA will be used by DWP as part of its Strategic Digital Video Project to virtualise key business units within the department.

It will be used to connect with claimants and will allow DWP the option to manage its assessments virtually as well as providing recording capabilities across all departments including Personal Independent Payments, Universal Credit, Industrial Industries Disablement Benefit, and other business units.

Mick Roach, director of Strategic Health Alliances at Involve, commented: “We are delighted to continue our close partnership with Induction and Attend Anywhere to support the growth of our virtual service. IAA will be used by DWP to connect with members of the public.

“As the pandemic has driven the demand for virtual meetings, Involve are proud to have played a key role is supporting IAA in gaining traction across the UK with its cloud based platform that saves both time and resources as well as offering increased flexibility for our customers and anyone who needs to interact with them.”


Credit: Bdaily

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