“Mobilising a small army” – Operations move to homeworking in the C-19 pandemic

"Mobilising a small army” – Operations move to homeworking in the C-19 pandemic

Dominic Grace, Sharon Oley, Rishi Kotecha, Sage UK LtdResilience

Mobilising a small army; How we did it, How it's going now and what we'd do differently
Notably our Customer Services operation from a call centre, a traditional desktop /"locked to desk" workforce and its rapid transition to homeworking
Scale up and timescales were quickly abandoned as the situation escalated quickly in the UK
WFH co-ordinators to move people off site, capturing inventory details and colleagues physically moving items themselves into their cars in a rapid scale up to get people offsite and operational from their homes.
We have reconsidered the shape of our IT delivery, for example a new VPN configuration
Some of inhouse software upgrades worked to our advantage in helping the move; a cloud based solution for call centres
Consideration for what's next - What’s the return to the office look like? How will the post covid-19 workforce look? How does this impact / change how the services and operational teams work.
If we did it all again, knowing we had a 2 week window to move to homeworking - what did we learn and what we would definitely do differently?
How does this compare to what other companies learned and what would they do differently?
Are there similarities to what we did, and how other companies reacted and mobilised their workforce?

Wed 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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